Hydrate of chloral is the right name of this medicine, which is much used, especially to promote sleep. It is very uncertain in its action upon different people. While some are but little affected by drachm (sixty-grain) doses, others will be considerably narcotized by half as much. Twenty or thirty grains will be an ordinary medicinal dose. Less than a drachm has been fatal in a few instances; three drachms would probably almost always kill; although some persons have taken much, more with impunity. The symptoms of the poisonous action of chloral are merely those of deep narcotism; the victim cannot be roused, and sleeps away to death, in a few hours. Treatment of it, in the absence of a certain antidote, consists in the immediate 550 use of an emetic, followed by very strong coffee or tea; dashing cold water on the face and chest; if the patient can walk, moving him about, slapping the back and limbs briskly, etc., to keep him awake, as in opium-poisoning; for last resorts, the galvanic battery and artificial respiration. A physician may carefully try the antagonism which probably exists between strychnine and chloral.