This American plant (Spi-gelia Marylandica) is a very good medicine for worms {vermifuge). It may be made into a a tea thus: Put together half an ounce of broken and bruised pink-root; senna leaves and fennel seed, each two drachms; manna, 518 one ounce; and boiling water, one pint. Let it stand (after stirring) covered for an hour. Dose, a wineglassful for an adult, half a wineglassful for a child two or three years old, thrice daily. It is best not to go beyond these doses, as, in very large amount, it acts poisonously. There is a fluid extract of spige-lia, also, a convenient preparation ; dose, a teaspoonful; and still better (because the senna makes it more sure to pass off by the bowels), the fluid extract of spigelia and senna; dose of this also, a teaspoonful, repeated every two or three hours until it operates.

Podophyllin, or Resina Podophylli - This is an active principle obtained from the root of the common May-apple (podophyllum peltatum). The powdered root itself may be taken in doses of ten to twenty grains. Of podophyllin, the dose is but from one-sixth to one-half or three-fourths of a grain. It is a powerful, though slowly-acting cathartic ; believed also to act more than most purgative medicines on the liver.