To stop chills, give a cup of hot coffee, no sugar, no milk, and the juice of a lemon added. Drink when the chill is beginning. It is better than the highly lauded quinine, and has no injurious effects like quinine. The remedy to take the place of quinine is Picrate of Ammonia, sixth decimal, every two hours, or once or twice a day according to the severity of the case. The only way to perfectly cure it is to give the truly indicated remedy considerably attenuated and not too often repeated. Apis mel, chill begins in front of chest and abdomen at three or four p. m. Thirsty during chill, can't bear a warm room during chill; joints and muscles sore.


Morning or evening, much yawning and stretching before chill. Does not shake, shivers only.


All times, mostly at one or two p. M. Alternation of heat and chill; better from warmth. During fever very restless, great heat, unquenchable thirst, drinks but little at a time and often. During sweat, drinks large quantities.


During chill, icy coldness all over, but will not remain covered.


Chill begins in back.


Chill on certain days, regular once in two or three or six days. Violent chill, no thirst. Liver and spleen swollen and painful.

Eupatorium Perf.

Begins in back seven to nine A. m. Thirst for water, but it causes vomiting. Bitter vomiting at close of chill.


Any time, most often in evening. Thirst for large quantities of water during chill, no thirst during fever.


Any hour, generally eleven A.M. During chill worse from warmth. Chill lessened by drinking.

Natrum Muriaticum.

Chill every day at tea to eleven a.m. Dreads the chill.

Before chill, thirst for large quantities of water. Violent chill begins in hands and feet. Lips and nails blue. Fever long and severe, with thirst and headache. Profuse perspiration. Fever blisters around the mouth.

Nux Vomica.

To be given if drugs have been taken. Chill generally in evening or early morning, severe and long. Thirsty, worse from drinking Must be covered up, but the warmth does not relieve.