The results of the abuse of alcohol upon the system are caused both by its immediate local action upon the stomach, and its remote effects upon the various organs of the body after its absorption into the circulation. In the former case, it acts in the same manner as any other irritant, causing inflammation of the mucous membrane of the digestive organs, and leading to inflammation of the mouth, throat, stomach, etc., each of which should receive consideration in proper treatment; but its action upon the nervous and circulatory systems, results in well-defined disturbances, dangerous not only to the life of the affected individual, but perilous to all who may come in contact with him. Various conditions, which may be classified as acute and chronic, may occur, the result of this unfortunate habit. Of the former, the ordinary manifestations of intoxication are but too well known; the higher intellectual faculties are in abeyance, and the more profound the intoxication, either from the amount ingested or the greater susceptibility of the patient, the more the brutal and animal characteristics become unmasked. Happily, the poison is volatile, and the resulting nausea, vomiting, and stuporous sleep give nature an opportunity of eliminating it from the system, and the patient awakens sober, but with headache, foul stomach, and a nervous system more or less shattered by the indulgence.


For the morning vomiting, Arsenicum. The general condition is best treated by Nux Vomica; and in the acute attacks Hyoscyamus or Belladonna should be given.

The potent remedy for this disease is Cannabis Indica, tincture; drop doses once in two or fourh ours. Nux vomica for stomach symptoms following.