In olden times and among a great many people even now alcohol is looked upon as a protection and a cure of consumption. It is neither, but on the contrary is a predisposing cause, and when a person has tuberculosis helps to develop the disease. It may be that a very limited amount of alcohol taken at mealtime is of use in building up the body, but even this is uncertain. But whether a small amount of alcohol is beneficial or not it is quite certain that the quantity which can safely be taken daily is exceedingly small, and that when this amount is exceeded the alcohol becomes poisonous and injurious. The only safe practice to follow is to abstain from the use of alcohol altogether. Alcohol in the parent, moreover, leads to degeneration in the offspring and may create a predisposition to tuberculosis in the offspring. For the person who has tuberculosis there is only one safe practice and that is to abstain entirely from alcohol.

Mortality from tuberculosis of the lungs in European states per million living (Koehler-Hillier.)