It used to be taught that the only cure for tuberculosis was climate, and lots of people still have an idea that climate is a very important factor in both the development and treatment of tuberculosis. As a matter of fact climate has no influence either upon the development or the treatment of tuberculosis. Every part of the world has had tuberculosis, and nearly every part of the world has the disease now. The disease is more virulent in warm climates than in cold. There are many parts of the world which have been at one time free from tuberculosis but which when the disease was introduced had it as abundantly as any other place and sometimes more abundantly than places in which the disease had existed for a long time. At present the beautiful climates of California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and some of the southern states have the highest mortality from tuberculosis in the United States. In a general way cold climates give better protection against consumption and are of more use in the treatment of the disease than warm climates. For some people high altitudes are better than low altitudes, but for some consumptives low altitudes are better than high altitudes. It is perfectly safe to disregard the question of climate entirely in dealing with tuberculosis.