Thrush is more especially a disease of early infancy, affecting the mouth and throat, the lining membrane of which, in this disease, appears as if sprinkled overwith bits of milk-curd. Recent researches have discovered that upon these patches a filiform description of minute fungus is developed, which probably finds a congenial habitat in the disordered secretions which are the main feature of the disease : excess of acid, and irritation of the mucous lining of the bowls, always existing. The disease is not generally serious; it is accompanied by slight fever and drowsiness, and passes off in eight or ten days; during this time, however, it interferes with the child taking the breast properly. Aphthae is very often the result of improper feeding with bread and other things unfit for the infant stomach.


Prevented by keeping the child clean and not too warmly dressed. Arsenicum, a livid bluish appearance of the mouth, with weakeness and diarrhea. Borax, if the mouth is very sore. Bromide of Potash triturated with equal parts of sugar; a small powder every two hours, especially if the mouth is dry. Bryonia, if the child will not nurse till the mouth is moistened. Carbo. veg., mouth hot, discharges sour. Chamomilla, if child is nervous and has to be carried. Mercurius, mouth white, much saliva, offensive smell.