Barley Water.

Wash well two ounces of pearl barley with cold water, throwing that water away. Put the barley into a pint and a half of fresh cold water, bring it to the boiling point, and boil for twenty minutes in a covered vessel. Strain, sweeten to taste, and flavor with lemon-juice and a little lemon-peel. In certain cases, as in using it to feed infants, the lemon had best be omitted.

Rice Water.

Boil an ounce of Carolina rice in a quart of water for an hour and a half. Pour off or strain, and add either salt or sugar and nutmeg, according to taste. Salt will generally be best.

Toast Water.

Cut a slice of stale bread half an inch thick, and toast it brown all over, without scorching. Pour over it a pint of boiling water; cover closely, and

let it cool; then pour or strain it off for use as a drink. Some patients like it better when a slice from an apple, and a very little lemon-peel, are laid on the toast before the water is added.