The reputation of Dr. Hartshorne, the author of this department, ranks high among those of our general physicians, and these pages from his pen will be endorsed by every good doctor as safe and practical to follow. This book tells how to detect disease and apply the best remedy for it. It gives practical directions for taking the principal medicines, how to nurse and care for the sick, what to do in case of accidents or poisoning, and gives valuable advice on the laws of health, the prevention of disease, food for the sick, and various kinds of medical treatment. This book will be of use frequently and there will come times when it may mean the saving of a life. It should be close at hand where it can be referred to at a moment's notice.

Causes, Nature And Signs Of Disease—Classification Of Diseases
—The Best Remedies—Relieving Pain—Principal Medicines
—Nursing And Care Of The Sick
by Henry Hartshorne, M.D.