Tuberculosis is a long-drawn-out, tedious disease under ordinary circumstances. It is a long time before it shows itself after implantation and frequently it develops even to the stage of breaking down without manifesting many symptoms. Sometimes people have it for a lifetime without recognizing it. Some of the first symptoms are a sense of fatigue, indigestion, loss of appetite, loss of weight, slight feverishness and occasionally a little cough. At intervals the cough becomes severe and perhaps there is expectoration but this is usually ascribed to a cold. Between these attacks the health is pretty good and the individual is deceived. As each little process matures and some of the broken down matter is thrown off there is a reinfection and each subsequent attack is a little more severe than the preceding one. Finally the individual discovers that his health is undermined and that he is in a bad way. The average duration of tuberculosis from the time of implantation to the fatal termination, when it terminates fatally, is about ten years. The severe symptoms often last from six months to two years. The dying period is usually about two months. Tuberculosis a Curable Disease.—Tuberculosis is a curable disease. This has been proved beyond doubt. Up until recently the disease was looked upon as incurable and many people still have this false impression. This erroneous idea came about because in the past the disease was not recognized until it reached its terminal stage. At all times many cases got well spontaneously, and now that we fully understand the disease we find that we can cure practically all cases if we get them early enough. The tendency to recover is really very much greater than the tendency to a fatal termination, and all that is necessary is to place the individual who has received an implantation under proper conditions, give him rest and feed him properly and he will recover. Under modern methods even fairly advanced cases get well and occasionally very advanced cases. It is only after the individual becomes extremely emaciated and the disease has invaded almost every organ of the body that the case becomes absolutely hopeless.