A fine spice for culinary as well as medicinal use. Jamaica ginger is the most used with us. Essence of ginger is a very good medicine to have in the house. It is a warming stimulant to the stomach, and aids greatly in relief of ordinary flatulent colic. Dose of a strong preparation of it (as Brown's essence of Jamaica ginger), ten to thirty drops, in water. It may also be applied outside, over the stomach and bowels; wetting a piece of thin flannel well with it, laying it on, and covering it with oiled silk to prevent too quick evaporation.

Ginger tea is an old favorite stomach-warmer. A tablespoonful or two of the bruised root may have a pint of boiling water poured on it, then leaving it to stand covered for an hour or so. We don't boil aromatic teas or other preparations, because that would drive off their volatile oils, which are their active principles. Of ginger tea, the dose is one or two tablespoonfuls at a time.