Oatmeal Gruel.

Boil a pint of water, and while boiling, mix with it two table-spoonfuls of (Canada, Bethlehem, or Ohio) oatmeal, which has been first rubbed smooth in a little cold water; also, add half a pint of milk, and a little salt. Let all simmer together for half an hour, then strain it through a hair-sieve, sweeten, and add a little nutmeg. A few raisins may be added before the boiling.

Indian-Meal Gruel.

Stir a table-spoonful of Indian meal till it becomes smooth, in half a teacupful of cold water. Then mix it well with a teacupful of boiling water, and add half as much milk: then boil it until it is moderately thickened. Salt or sweeten according to taste. Raisins may be put in before boiling, if desired.