If all the medicines in the world were to be destroyed, except three, and we could choose the three, they should be quinine, opium and iron. The first cures the greatest number of cases of illness; the second gives the happiest relief to severe pain; and the last does the most to build up a debilitated body. Of the preparations of opium, laudanum and morphia have been mentioned. The dose of opium in substance is one grain; equal to thirty drops of laudanum, or a full teaspoonful of solution of morphia (not Magendie's solution).

Paregoric is the camphorated tincture of opium. Its odor and taste are partly due to the oil of anise-seed with which it is flavored. It contains only one grain of opium in a tablespoonful of paregoric; being therefore a much weaker opiate than laudanum; which has about four grains of opium in each teaspoonful. Dose of paregoric, a teaspoonful, more or less, according to the occasion for its use. In diarrhea, for example, quarter-teaspoonful doses will often answer the purpose. Smaller doses, of course, are suitable to give to children.

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