Piles, or Hemorrhoids, are tumors which form at the verge of the anus or fundament, and may be situated either within or without the bowel: they are either what are called " Blind " or they are Bleeding Piles. Piles are often constituted by an enlargement or " varicose " condition of the veins situated about this part, this enlargement being caused by whatever tends to obstruct the return of the blood through the veins of the abdomen generally; thus, affections of the liver, constipation, with overloaded bowels, pregnancy, etc., are all frequent causes of this form of piles, in which the swellings are generally smooth and of the color of the surrounding skin.


Aesculus hip., protruding piles, bleeding slightly, costive, lame back. Aloes, protruding piles, like bunches of grapes hot and sore, relieved by cold or hot water, prolapsus of the rectum. Collinsonia, piles with sensation as there were sticks in the rectum. Graphites, protrusion of rectum with stool, or passing of wind. Ignatia, bleeding piles with pains shooting high up into the rectum. Hamamelis, very sore, bleeding piles. Nux vomica, after taking purgative medicines, persons of sedentary habits, after liquors of any kind, dull headache, costive. Podophyllum, piles and protrusions of rectum of long standing. Ratanhia, protruding piles, hard or soft stool, burning and soreness of rectum. Rectum very sensitive. Three grains Ratanhia suppositories may be used. Sulphur, all kinds of piles, constant ineffectual urging to stool; thin bloody stools. Hot water is the best general application.