This is an inflammation of the pleura, or serous membrane which covers the lungs and lines the greater part of the cavity of the chest.


Exposure to wet and cold is the most common cause, but it may come on after an accident in which the ribs are broken, or cases of stabbing in the chest, or from a gunshot wound or other internal injuries.


The patient first complains of a severe catching pain in the affected side, and this is made worse on taking a deep inspiration, or coughing: the pain is usually confined to one spot, and on listening there one may hear a rubbing sound, due to the roughened surfaces moving on each other.


Aconite, for fever, if chilly with sharp cutting pains. Belladonna, sharp cutting pains that come and go suddenly with beating headache. Bryonia, with or without fever, hurts to breathe or move. Phosphorus, sharp cutting pain that comes occasionally without fever.