Symptoms. —This is an inflammation of the proper substance of the lungs. The disease generally announces itself with a chill or chilly feeling, which lasts from half an hour to an hour or two before a sensation of heat can be produced.

The temperature will rise en the first day, and sometimes reaches 103°-105°. There is pain in the back and loins, and loss of appetite and flushed face. The first decided symptom of pneumonia will be shortness of breath, so that only short sentences are spoken without the need of breathing, and there is a "stitch" in the side. Do not postpone sending for a doctor, especially if the patient is old, feeble, or a child.


When the premonitory symptoms appear, such as being chilly, aching all over,—head, body and limbs,—a little diffliculty of breathing, pneumonia is pretty sure to follow, unless energetically combated.

In such cases, it is well to alternate Bryonia and Aconite; a dose every fifteen minutes till relieved, then every half hour or hour. If this does not abort it, and it will nearly always do it, and there is pain in lungs and troublesome cough, give Phosphorus. After the pain is relieved, and there is a tight cough give Hepar sul.; if a loose cough, give Tartar emet.