Every consumptive can avoid giving the disease to others. If he knows what to do and is willing to do it he can make himself absolutely noncontagious and can prevent any of his bacilli getting into another person. Nowadays with the crusade against tuberculosis so active it is easy to find out just what to do, and even when one cannot get the things that are necessary for accomplishing the prevention of the disease with his own means, he can usually get them for nothing from some institution which is devoting itself to the crusade against tuberculosis. Sometimes people are ashamed to do what is necessary to prevent the spread of the disease for fear of criticism and because of the prejudice against consumptives. There is this to be said, however, that no consumptive can get well who does not do all that is necessary for the protection of others. The practices which will prevent the disease from being given to others will also prevent the individual from re-infecting himself, and unless precautions are taken against re-infection recovery cannot take place.

The Ulrich Sanatory Tent