The government is alive to the importance of stamping out tuberculosis and is everywhere cooperating. Boards of Health are ready to disinfect houses without cost to the individual and distribute literature telling people what to do. Whenever a house has been occupied by a consumptive, even though he has been cleanly and has practiced measures for the prevention of the disease, it is worth while disinfecting it when it is vacated by removal or death, In fact it would not be bad practice for consumptives to have the rooms which they occupy disinfected from time to time, both for their own protection against re-infection and for the protection of those who are near and dear to them. Humane Isolation of Advanced Consumptives.—So far as possible advanced consumptives should be humanely isolated in hospitals which are properly equipped for taking care of them. It is exceedingly difficult and very expensive to so guard and manage a consumptive in the home during the last few months of life as to prevent him from infecting those around him and contaminating the room in which he lives. In a hospital this can be done because there are nurses on guard all the time and linens can be changed as often as soiled. Humane isolation of the dying cases and of other cases during the acute process of the disease is really the most valuable means at our command for stamping out the disease. It should be practiced everywhere and by everyone as far as possible.