The homeopathic treatment given in this book is by a homeopathic physician of over forty years' active experience. He is a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy and its Society of Seniors. A member and Ex-President of a State Medical and several other medical societies; Ex-Vice-President of a State Surgical and Gynecological Society; Honorary member of two State Societies; an author and writer for medical journals for over thirty-five years, and his writings are eagerly read everywhere. He says: "Your readers should understand that, if they wish for reliable remedies, they must purchase them of some reliable homeopathic pharmacist or reliable physician; for homeopathic remedies kept in drug stores are liable to be more or less injurious by the odors that pervade the store, and their sales are so infrequent the remedies are liable to be wholly or partly useless by long standing."

In the following diseases, it is best to give the third decimal attenuation, unless specified in that particular disease, and they can be bought in liquid or globule form or a few in a powdered form. No. 35 globules is a convenient form to use; two, three or four globules, at a dose; a dose once in from ten or fifteen minutes, to once or twice a day.

If liquids are given, two or three drops in one-half glass of water, a teaspoonful at a dose, repeated or given same as globules.

Remember, it is not the amount of medicine given that cures, but the right kind.

Much has been said and written about the homeopathic dose, but a dose just large enough to cure may be considered a homeopathic dose.