It is the custom with some ignorant mothers to purposely expose their children to mild cases of fever, especially measles, chicken-pox, and scarlatina, because they say the children are certain to get them at some time or another, and in this way they think their children will have mild attacks which will protect them in the future. Such a practice is almost criminal, and should be absolutely condemned, and for the following reasons It is not certain that a child will have fever at some time or another; if proper precautions were taken it would not have an infectious disease. A mild attack in one person is not always followed by a mild attack in another, but may give rise to a very serious one. One attack of fever does not necessarily prevent a second attack of the same fever at some future time. The death-rate in children suffering from most fevers (such as measles or scarlatina) is always greater than in adults. Finally, as a rule, the older a child grows the less likely is it to be attacked by a particular fever.