(From Anaphora 584 to bring up, or up.

wards). Hippocrates uses it for thanks due to an obligation. Any discharge from the mouth.


(From the same). Those who spit blood; or, according to Actuarius, those who spit with difficulty.


(From α neg. and Anaphra 585 froth). Hip pocrates uses it as an epithet for stools that are not frothy.


(From α, neg. and Anaphrodisia 586 venery,) called also agenesia; atechnia. Impotence


(From α neg. Anaphromeli 587 froth, and honey). It is honey so despumated that it will not froth.


(From Anaplasis 589 torestore to the original form). Hippocrates uses thisword for the accurately replacing and restoring a fractured bone, and for a restoration of flesh. It is synonymous with diaplasis.


And Aneplerotics, (from Anaplerosis 590 to fill up.). The restitution of any wasted part. Incarnantia, incarnatives, are called anaple-rolica. The same with prosthesis. . Anaplelusis,(from to wash out). When faulty humours rot the bone so that it falls out of its joint, as happens sometimes in the jaw, this term is employed by Hippocrates. In Vogel it implies the scaling or separation of the carious parts of a bone.


(From Anapneusis 592 to respire). Respiration, perspiration. Aretaeus uses it to express a truce from pain.


(of anas, a duck, Anapodophyllon 593 a foot, and a leaf). Duck's foot; so called from its resemblance; or pomum Maiale, May apple: called also podophyllum peltatum, aconiti folia, Lin. Sp. Pi. 723. The Americans call it black snake root. It bears the hardest winter in an open ground, and is increased by parting the root in August.


(From Anapsyxis 595 to make cold). Refrigeration, i. e. cooling.


(From Anaraphe 596 and suture). It is the suture and retraction of the upper eye-lid, when relaxed, (sutura blepharicasuspensis, collect io et breviatio, superioris palpebrtae). It is employed not only in relaxation of the palpebra, but where the hairs are thick and long.


(From α, neg. and Anarisitesis 598 a dinner). Hippocrates uses this word for the substraction of a dinner from a patient.