(From Antalkalina 744 against, and alkali). Such medicines as resist or destroy acids. Alterants and Anorexia. Bile is the most common alkaline acrimony found in the stomach.


Lacos, Antaphroditi-ca, (from Antaphrodis 746 against, and venus). Antivenereal, or such means as extinguish amorous desires. Such are violent fatigue, especially if combined with low diet, whatever draws the attention from venereal subjects, active stimulant diuretics, and sometimes, apparently, nitre and camphor.


(From Antapodosies 748 to reciprocate). Returns of the paroxysms of fevers.

Antarthriticum Anti

Arthriti-Cum, (from Antarthriticum Anti 749 against, and the gout).

Medicines against the gout.

Antasthma Tica

Anti -asthmatic, (from Antasthma Tica 751 against, and an asthma). Remedies against an asthma.


(From Antatrophon 753 against,and a consumption). Medicines against consumptions.

Antecedens Causa

(From antecedo, to go before). See Proegumene.

Antecedentia Signa

Antecedent signs. Such signs as precede the disease.

Antela Bia

(Ante, before, and labium, a lip). The extremities of the lips.


Or Antihelix, (from Antelix 755 opposite, and the helix). It is that part of the ear which is opposite to the helix.

Antemballomenos Axtiballome Na

(From Antemballomenos Axtiballome Na 757 instead of, and to contribute).

Substituted. Called also succcdanea, succeda-neous.


(From Antembasis 759 mutually, and to enter). A mutual insertion or ingress, applied by Galen to the bones.


Lca,(from Axtemet 761 against, and vomiting). Remedies against vomiting. These are all neutral salts, particularly the citras potassae (the saline draught); and its power in this respect is increased if given in an effervescing state; opiates, and, incases of debility, a glass of wine, or even brandy.


(From Antendeixis 763 against, and, to indicate). Contra-indicatio. A contra-indication. When one symptom requires a remedy which another symptom forbids. Prohibens is used in the same sense.