Anthos 789 (from upwards, and to run, because in its growth it runs upwards,) a flower. Hippocrates means by this word, flowers in general; and if Galen is right in his comment, includes the seeds with the flowers. It is also used for aris flos; but when used alone, signifies the flowers of rosemary, and is sometimes, but improperly, taken for the plant. See AERis Flos, and Rorismarinus.


(From Anthosmias 792 a flower, and smell). A name applied to sweet scented wine.


(From Anthous 794 a flower). Properly rosemary; but, transferred to metals, it signifies the fifth essence, or elixir of gold.

Anthracia Anthracosia

(From Anthracia Anthracosia 795 or anthrax). A burning coal. A hard, painful, burning swelling, which attends the plague. Seecarbunculus.

Anthracosis Oculi

Anthracosis Oculi 796 A scaly corrosive ulcer of the eye, attended with a defluxion.


See Cinnabaris, and Carbunculus.


(From Anthriscus 797 flowers). See



(From Anthropea 798 a man). See Cutis.


(From Anthropologia 799 a man, and adiscourse). The science of anatomy.


(From Anthropomorphos 801 a man, and shape). See Mandragora.


(From Anthroposophia 803 . a man, and wisdom or knowledge). The knowledge of the nature of man.


Among the ancient physicians, the name of the epithymon or dodder growing on thyme.


(From Anthypnotica 805 against, and sleep). Medicines against sleepiness. These have been usually the correctors of opium; among the chief of which, vinegar, without sufficient reason, has been accounted. Coffee is certainly, in many constitutions, a preventer of sleep; and tea also in a less number. Many others do not occur in the lists of the materia medica; and we need scarcely add the well known observations of attention long fixed on abstract sciences, or agreeably amused by interesting details, indolence, inactivity, or a mind harassed by anxiety and apprehension, as means of preventing sleep.