Take of antimony coarsely powdered, hartshorn shavings, of each two pounds; mix and put them into a broad red-hot iron pot, stirring constantly till the mass acquires a grey colour. Powder the matter when cold, and put it into a coated crucible; lute it to another crucible inverted, which has a small hole in the bottom; augment the fire by degrees to redness, and keep it so for two hours; lastly, reduce the matter, when cold, to a very fine powder: this is said to be a preparation similar to, and equally efficacious with, that of Dr. James. It is inserted in the new Pharmacopoeia, and is certainly preferable to the tartarized antimony joined with the testaceous powder which used to be substituted for that of James. This powder is a calx, intimately blended with the residuum or absorbent earth of the hartshorn. It is, however, unequal in its effects, probably from the degree of heat; and is more apt to affect the bow els than the James' powder. From three to six grains are a dose; if joined with a quarter of a grain of opium, it acts as a diaphoretic, and is considered as alterative. In inflammatory fever of the rheumatic kind, by repeating the dose every six or eight hours, it has frequently proved beneficial.