(From Antiperistasis 861 and to surround). A compressing on all side's as the air Presses.


(From Antipharmicum 863 against, and poison). An antidote, or Preservative against poison. See Alexipharmica.


(From Antiphlogistica 865 against, and to burn). Antiphlogistics. Medicines or remedies suited to resist, diminish, or cure inflammation, or an inflammatory diathesis of the constitution. Under this head may be classed all watery diluents, cooling saline diaphoretics, and diuretics, particularly nitre; antimonials in small doses; and bleeding, general and topical. See Phlebotomia, Cucurbitula, and Hiru'-dines. Besides, living on watery, cooling vegetables, drinking copiously of simple watery liquids, and abstaining totally from all animal food and stimulating diet, may be classed not amongst the weakest of the materials proper for promoting the desired intent, under circumstances where antiphlogistics are required.


(From Antiphthisica 867 against, and a consumption). Remedies against a consumption. See Phthisis.

Antiphthisica tinctura; i. e. Tinct. saturnina. See Plumbum, N° 5


(From Antiphthora 869 against, and corruption). A species of wolf's-bane, which resists corruption.


(From Antiphysica 871 against, and to blow). Remedies against wind. See Carminantia.


(Antiphyson 873 against, and nature,) so called, because the loadstone acts against the common appearances of nature. See Macnes.


(From Antipleuriticum 875 against, and a pleurisy). A remedy against the pleurisy. See Pleuritis.


(From Antipodagrica 877 against, and the gout). Medicines which relieve or remove the gout. See Arthritis.


Balsamum. See Ano-dyxum balsamum.


See Apoplectica.


(From Antipraxia 879 . against, and to work). A contrariety of functions and temperaments in different parts, used by the ancients to express the variety of concurring, and often contrary, symptoms.