(From Cynoglossum 2561 a dog, and a tongue; from its resemblance). Hound's tongue.

Cynoglossum majus vulgare canina lingua. Greater hound's tongue. Cynoglossum officinale Lin. Sp. Pi. 192.

It is a biennial plant; producing, the first year, large, soft, tongue-shaped, long, pointed leaves: the second year, a thick branched stalk, with pointed leaves joined to it, without pedicles: on the tops of the branches are dark purple flowers, which are followed by four flat seeds: The root is oblong, and of a dark brown or blackish colour on the outside, but white within. It grows in shady places, and flowers in June.

The roots that grow in moist grounds have a rank, but not very strong, smell, like those of the narcotic plants, which in drying is mostly dissipated; those on dry ground have very little smell. In medicine is useless, but it has been employed adversus pediculos.