Belonging to or connected with, the diaphragm. The diaphragmatic arteries; also called phrenic. Their origin has been already explained. The diaphragmatic arteries generally appear on the under side of the diaphragm, very rarely on the upper; they give small branches to the glandulae renales, and to the fat which lies on the kidneys; these latter are called adiposes. Besides these capital diaphragmatic arteries, there are other less ones from the intercostales, mammariae internae, mediastinae, pericardiae, and coeliacae.

Diaphragmaticae venae, (from the same). The diaphragmatic veins; also called phrenicae venae. They spring from the vena cava inferior, just as it de-, scends through the diaphragm: they appear generally on the lower side of the diaphragm. The left branch is ramified upon the pericardium.

DiAphragmaticae Superiores Venae. The Upper diaphragmatic veins, are also called pericardio-dia-phragmaticae venae. The right comes anteriorly from the root of the bifurcation, near the mediastina, and is spread about the pericardium: the left from the left subclavian. Diaphragmitis, (from Diaphragmaticae Arterae 2817 diaphragm).

Inflammation of the diaphragm. See Paraphrenitis.