Emulgentes Arteriae And Venae

See Resales arterae. and Venae

Em U Lsio,(From Emulgeo)

Medicines of any kind resembling milk; though the London college has rejected that term, and supplied it with lac. They are generally"made from farinaceous seeds, beat up with some fluid, with which their oily parts are intimately blended; and chiefly used for common drink in acute disorders. For the emulsio communis, or lac, amygdalae, emulsio absorbens, and emulsio, camphorata, see Amyg Dalae Dulces.


Emunctories, (from emungo, to clean, wipe away, or draw off,) the passages, particularly the glands, by which excrementitious matters are evacuated. The parotides supposed to receive the excrements from the brain, the axillary glands from the heart, and the inguinal from the liver, were Emunctoria 3335 thus named. It is, however, often the appellation of glands which separate useful fluids.


(From Enaemos 3336 and blood,) topical medicines appropriated to bleeding wounds. Hippocrates.


(From Enaeorema 3338 sublime,) the pendulous substance which floats in the middle of the urine, sublimamentum, nubecula suspensa, sublitnatio urine.


See Dens.


(From Enarges 3339 white, or evident). Hippocrates applies this epithet to dreams.


(From Enaricymon 3340 soon,and to conceive). See Aricimon.


(From Enarthrosis 3342 in, and a joint).

See Diarthrosis.


(From Encardion 3346 and the heart).


Encardium Premnu

The heart and marrow of the trunk of trees; the tender medullary substance which grows on the tops of the great palm tree. Dioscorides. By Theophrastus styled encephalus.


(From Encatalepsis 3348 and to leave)

See Catalepsis.


(From Encathisma 3350 to sit in). See



(From the same). A burn; or rather the inflammation caused by it. It is also that action of external heat upon the body, as of the sun, or fire, and a synonym with deustio; sometimes an appellation of the heart burn, with thirst; in Dr. Cullen's Nosology synonymous with erythema and ambustio. ' Encephalon and Encephalus, (from Encausis 3353 within, and the head). The encephalon includes the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the medulla oblongata, with their membranes.