(See Flos.) Flowers. In chemistry, they are the most subtile parts of bodies, separated from the more gross, by sublimation in a dry form, and found under the respective names of the materials used, as flores benzoini antimonii, etc. Mace is sometimes, called the flowers of nutmeg. In pharmacy, they are directed to be gathered when moderately expanded, on a clear dry day before noon. Red roses are taken before they open, and the white heels are cut off and thrown away. Those flowers which are gathered for keeping should be dried in the shade, but as quickly as possible; in some instances, the place may be warmed by a fire, though the sun should not shine upon them. When the flowers are dried, they must be kept close and dry. With their scent and colour they lose their virtues. The medical virtues of different flowers reside in different parts; e. g. saffron is a production which rises from the style of the flower; the active part of camomile flowers is in the yellow disk; in roses, lilies, and several others, the virtues are in the petala; and the flavour admired in rosemary flowers is chiefly in the cups.