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Gastrodynia. Gastrica 3861

Gastrica arteria dextra, vel Gastrica major, proceeds from the hepatica arteria; passes behind the pylorus, and, beyond it, sends out the duodenalis or intestinalis; then runs along the right side of the great curvature of the stomach, to the neighbouring parts, to which, on both sides, it distributes branches, and at last ends in the gastrica sinistra.

Gastrica arteria sinistra, vel Gastrica minor, is a branch of the splenica; it runs from the left to the right, along the left portion of the great curvature of the stomach; supplies the omentum with branches called gastro epiploicae sinistrae, and then communicates with the gastrica arteria dextra: from this union the gastro epiploicae mediaae are produced.

Gastrica febris. This epithet is usually applied to the bilious remittents, styled fancifully by Pinel meningo gastric, and varied as either a remittent or continued fever. By Selle it is styled glutinoso gastric, from the quantity of mucous matter in the stomach. See Pinel Nosologic, and Selle Pyretologia.

Gastrica vena, epiploica sinistra. See Gastrica vena sinistra.

Gastrica vena recta ; called also gastro epi-filoica dextra. It is sometimes a branch from the vena portae ventralis, or from its principal branches; goes to the pylorus, to the great curvature of the stomach, and communicates with the gastrica sinistra.

Gastrica vena sinistra, goes out from the splenica, at the left extremity of the pancreas, from whence it runs to the great extremity of the stomach, and along the great arch, until it meets the gastrica dextra, sending in its passage branches to the sides of the stomach, and communicating with the coronaria ventriculi.