(From Hypercatharsis 4382 a preposition signifying excess, and purgation,) hyperinesis, and hyperinos; excessive purging from medicine; a variety of the diarrhea mucosa of Dr. Cullen. It is not only produced by the irritability occasioned by the too violent action of purging.medicines, but from any other cause of irritation in the bowels. The cure is similar to that of violent diarrhoeas. Gentle anodynes, frictions, and diaphoretics, were much depended on by the ancients. See Oribasii Medic. Collect, lib. xiv. cap. 42.

P. AEgineta, lib. vii. cap. 7. AEtius Tetrabiblicon serm. 3. cap. 118.


(From hypcricum, St. John's wort, and Hypericoides 4384 likeness). See Hypericum saxatile.


(From Hypercoryphosis 4385 above, and the vertex). A prominence, or protuberance. See Jecur and Palmo.


(From Hypercrisis 4387 above, and a crisis). An hypercrisis, or super-excretion; such excessive critical evacuations as endanger the patient.


(From ' Hyperephidrosis 4389 excess, and sweat). Immoderate sweating.

Hypericum Saxatile

Etc. Bastard St. John's wort; hypericoides; corislutea, and coris legitima Cretica. The seeds are said to be diuretic, em-managogue, and powerfully antispasmodic.


And Hyperinos(from Hyperinesis 4393 ,. in excess, and to purge). Synonymous with Hypercatharsis, q. v. and the person who suffers from it.


(From Hyperoa 4395 above, and os). See



Pharyngae'i, (from Hypero 4397 above, and the pharynx). See Peristaphyi.o pharyn-gaei.


(From Hyperostosis 4399 upon, and the bone). A swelling of the whole bone. In Cullen's Nosology it is synonymous with exostosis.


A fleshy excrescence. Sec also Polypus Narium.


(rom Hypersarcosis 4401 excess of, and flesh,) a fleshy excrescence, or proud flesh. Hypexodos, (from under, and a passing out). See Diarrhoea.