(From Metrorrhagia 4998 the wotnb, and to break out). See Menorrhagia.

Meu Meum

(From Meu Meum 5000 less,) on account of its diminutive size. Sfignel, baud, or vauld

Money. Athamanta meum Lin. Sp. Pl. 553. Faenieu-lum Alpinum, is a perennial plant, whose leaves are much smaller, and seeds broader, than those of fennel. The root resembles that of fennel, but is of a more agreeable though fetid smell, and a more pungent taste. Meum alphinum Germanicum. German or mountain spignel, mutellina, phellandrium mutellina Lin. Sp. Pl. 366. It possesses only the virtues of the common sort.

Meum latifolium adulterinum, seseli perenne folio gtauco breviori, faeniculum sylvestre, ferula folio breviori, saxifraga montana minor, bastard spignel, seseii montanum Lin. Sp. Pl. 372, grows on dry hills, and flowers in June. The root is drying and pungent.

Mexicanum Balsamum

(From Mexico, of which it is a production). See Peruvianum balsa-mum.


See Botrys Mexicana.


An indigenous appellation. See Laureola foemina.


(From Mica 5002 small). A morsel, a crumb, a grain; also a foliated semi-transparent stone, formerly; and at present in the Russian navy, used as glass. It is of the magnesian genus, but not used in medicine. See Hauy, iii. 208. Thompson's Chemistry, iii. 462.

Mica thuris. See Olibanum.

Mica panis, the soft part of bread; employed in preparing mild cataplasms, by soaking slices of new bread in water until they become perfectly soft, and then pressing out the superfluous water, beating the bread up with a spoon, and stirring into it a small quantity of lintseed meal. It is used also in its dry state, as a convenient mass for pills.


Leu Co-nymphae.'a, (from Micro 5003 small, white, and the water lily,) nymphaea, morsus ranae, frog bit, hydrocharis morsus ranae Lin. Sp. Pl. 1466, grows in muddy waters, and flowers in July. It is said to resemble in virtues the leuco-nymphaea.


Nymphae'a, Micro 5006 and . A variety

β of, and in every respect resembling, the above. It is less than the nymphaea; grows in ditches, and is said to possess the same virtues.


See Digitus.


See Obstetricatio.


A corruption of Hemicrania. See Cephalalgia.

Miliares Glandulae

(From their resemblance to millet seeds). See Sebaceae glandulae.


Miliarium 5008 See Alembicus.