Preface To The Second Edition

In this New Edition will be found a description of the technical improvements which have been effected during the last few months. We have also thought it desirable to demonstrate the fresh results which have been obtained in the treatment of old wounds, old fractures, and other surgical affections.


Preface To The First Edition

The researches which are dealt with in this book were made in the laboratories established at Compiegne by the Rockefeller Foundation, and at the Temporary Hospital, No. 21, under the Service du Sante militaire.

The chemical laboratory was directed by Dr. Henry D. Dakin,1 who there made the experiments upon which the sterilisation of wounds is founded. In the biological part of his experiments, Dr. Dakin was assisted by M. Daufresne and Mme Carrel. Chemical research was carried on in the same laboratory by M. Daufresne. Le medecin-major Vincent, of the colonial forces, directed the bacteriological laboratory. The mathematical and physical portion of the researches was done by M. Lecomte du Nouy and M. Jaubert de Beaujeu. The physiological and surgical experiments were made with the help of Miss Lilly. Photography by MM. Pierre Magnier and Baillergeau.

The wounded were treated successively by M. Dumas, and by le medecin-major Bernoud of the colonial forces, then by MM. Woimant, Audiganne, and Guillot. MM.

1 Dr. H. D. Dakin, Director of the Herter Laboratory, New York, was one of the candidates selected by the Council of the Royal Society to be recommended for election into the Society. (B. M. j., March 13, 1917. Translator's note.)

Guillot and Woimant dealt with the surgical experiments. Clinical investigations into the cicatrisation of wounds were made by Mlle Hartmann and by Mme Carrel. M. Jaubert de Beaujeu was in charge of the radiological laboratory.

The administration of the hospital and the laboratories was in the hands of les officiers d'administration Bierer and Bois, successively.

The nursing was done by the infirmieres of l'Ecole de la Source, superintended by Mme Carrel, by Mlle Weilenmann and Mile Junod, and by the American nurses of the "Post Unit."

The military administration of the hospital was directed by medecin-major Bernoud, of the colonial forces.

The hospital was controlled by M. le Sous-Secretaire d'Etat du Service de Sante, and all the details of its organisation and administration were in charge of M. de Piessac, of the Sous-Secretariat d'Etat.



September I, 1916.