In a prior chapter we have shown that Christianity is indebted to Aryans for many of its ideas. It is now in order to show that it is an aid in the organization of democracies, and that without it, the higher nations would probably disintegrate somewhat. Incidentally, it will be proved to be a result of organization of dense masses of people - in other words, a result of the struggle for existence in overpopulated masses.

We have seen that democratic parties represent the egoistic and decentralizing element of organization, while republican parties give force to the altruistic side which compels units to sacrifice themselves for the good of the union. Those units which help themselves while at the same time they are helping others, are the only ones fit for permanent survival, although pure selfishness at times is necessary and at others the altruism which leads to self-destruction. China and Japan are the illustrations constantly used to show the results of excessive egoism of the units and the altruism which leads one to die for the country when necessary.

Now, in Christianity there is a wonderful mixture of the two forces of egoism and altruism, which are of transcendent importance to survival as an organism, and it is necessary for advanced nations to be Christian at heart. Its principles are based on a democratic personal selfishness so extreme as to destroy any organization, and yet it advocates a republican altruism so sublime that it would destroy every unit and kill the organism piecemeal.

One of the most curious results of modern investigation is the discovery that Christianity arose in a great pathway from Europe to Asia through which men had poured for untold thousands of years. Wave after wave came down, each superior to the last by reason of greater brain capacity, and, therefore, able to subjugate or drive out prior arrivals who had survived the climate. Excavations in Palestine, like everywhere else in this zone, show one civilization after another, each built on the ruins of its predecessor. Consequently, population was never homogenous as in Northern Europe, but existed in layers according to race. There were always lower or oppressed layers, slaves and serfs. The Semites had been the upper oppressing layer for a long time after their arrival, and were finally submerged by Aryan waves when the Semite became the oppressed. It is no wonder, then, that Judaism should be based on those things characteristic of the meek and lowly and of the oppressed, a philosophy so completely fitted for the lower layers of population.