Biology gives us the reason for the wonderful organizing ability of the republican party. Notwithstanding the fact that the democratic party is based upon the greatest of human rights - liberty, individual liberty, home rule - resistance to higher control - it has dismally failed in the government of the nation, and will always fail because it neglects the great natural law of the commensal duty of the units to the whole. It is not possible here to explain in full the great principles of the two parties; the reader can find a detailed description by Austin Bierboiver, in Bryce's "American Commonwealth," in which they are set forth in a series of antithetic epigrams. Shortly, it is there stated that the foundation of the democratic doctrine is liberty so complete as to leave every man unhampered, free even to enslave others. It recognizes natural inequalities of all men and leaves them to their fate, free to get what liberty they can. It is individualism. The republican foundation is equality so complete as to fetter every one; it binds all so as to secure some liberty to each. It is collectivism, or better, commensalism. The democrats are true aristocrats; the republicans are true democrats. The democratic principle of unbridled liberty is old, so old, indeed, as to revert to a savage time when all men were free and independent, but unable to exist in the dense masses of organized societies. Every man is now dependent upon others and serves the others in a commensal capacity, all organized for mutual benefit. It is this principle of evolution of highly complex organisms on which the republican party is based. It is the strength of union, but unbridled liberty is the weakness of disruption. The greater a nation becomes, the more it must be welded together to survive, or it will be a helpless horde. The democratic party trains the players; the republican teaches the nine to play ball. The true democrat plays for himself; the true republican plays for the team. The one represents egoism, the other altruism, and each, though necessary, would be harmful unless checked by the other.

Having commensalism for its basis - the greatest and highest law of nature - the policies and acts of the Republicans and their predecessors are all centralizing, nationalizing, cohering, and have made us a great nation, able to do good "team work." Having individualism for a basis, the most fundamental law of nature, the policies of the democrats and their predecessors have been decentralizing (for home rule), denationalizing (States' rights), disrupting (secession), and yet have so unfettered our individualism as to render us the greatest nation of independent, original and inventive people on earth, accomplishing individual wonders no other people dream of. Formerly, we did not have occasion to act much as a nation on account of our splendid isolation, and we have always neglected our coherence. To continue State sovereignty and perfect individual liberty is a biological blunder, now that modern transportation has destroyed our isolation, for the coherent nations of the earth will destroy us unless we cohere, centralize, nationalize and do good "team work." We will preserve our democratic liberties by adopting republican national policies of commensalism. The gradual evolution of our present centralization from the necessary decentralization and individualism of the years 1700 to 1750 are also explained in Bryce's "American Commonwealth".