The future control of the United States from the Northwestern corner of Europe does not mean a political revolution, but a gradual, slow evolution which has been going on for some time unnoticed. On account of the lack of physical efficiency of the native born, it is found that the foreign born are being preferred in certain shipyards and other works. Aryans born and raised in the cloudy climates normal to them must be more efficient as a rule than the descendants of those who have migrated to lands of perpetual sunshine, and as an actual fact we find that foreigners or natives born of foreign-born parents, are elbowing out the "old families." The ties binding these newcomers to Europe are feeble after all is said of loyalty to their adopted land, and it will not be hard to break them when the time comes.

Nevertheless, Americans need not be afraid of losing national existence, for on biological grounds it seems impossible. There will always be enough of the higher types here to constitute a local brain center for home rule, even if America is to be a mere organ of the larger organism. To be sure we are too far South for these types, and they must practically desert Washington in summer - in self-defense. It would conduce to survival if we could move the capital further North, but of course that is impossible. Though the types do die out in time, the stream of emigration keeps up the supply, and even if they are the least efficient who are forced out, they are higher than those coming from Central and Southern Europe. It has already been noted by investigators that eighty per cent, of the ruling types in the United States bear Anglo-Saxon names, and perhaps over ninety-five per cent, are derived from immigrants from the Northwestern corner of Europe. The same phenomenon is found in the best of the South American republics, even to a greater extent, for most of the leaders and rulers are European migrants or their sons.*

* The following editorial from an unknown source is to the point:

"The admission of the Havana paper, La Lucha, that the University of Havana and the engineering College of Cuba, must secure foreign professors for the higher departments, in order that the requisite instructions may be furnished, is a frank statement of fact and full of significance. It is true of Cuba and of all the spheres of influence lately attached to the United States that these countries, of themselves, are incapable of supplying their own highest intellectual, commercial, mechanical or other needs. They must receive what is needed from the outside. It is true that while the islands of the West and of the East have been portions of civilized government for four hundred years, they have never produced a great book, a great invention, a great enterprise of any description or a great man in any department of human effort, known and recognized throughout the world".

It is quite evident that by the same process of organization which changes the independent generalized cell into a dependent specialized unit of the body, and which has changed independent primitive man into a specialized civilized man dependent on the nation, will, in time, change each independent nation into a specialized organ of the future world democracy. Already our "Declaration of Independence" is out of date, and it is almost time for all nations to unite in a new "Declaration of Mutual Dependence." The aid given to the Italian earthquake sufferers shows that in time of disaster we are dependent upon assistance from the rest of the world and receive it.*

*It is interesting to note that so rapid is the progress of world consolidation, that since this chapter was put in type, Great Britain has gained control of 15,000 square miles of Siam, and Delagoa Bay has been practically ceded by Portugal as a seaport for the Transvaal. To prevent invasion, as well as guard this empire, Great Britain is enlarging the navy. Our press is constantly discussing whether all the Americas also, should not be put under Northern control. Anti-militarists on both sides of the Atlantic are openly advocating a "big stick" to spread civilization, and Frederic Harrison, their leader, reverses himself after forty years of argument for disarmament. The condition of Turkey is vastly different from what it was when Greek or Roman Aryans controlled the ancestors of these people, and the present disturbances prove that the peace of the world and the progress of civilization demand the renewal of that control by the races of the Northwestern corner of Europe.