The world democracy, or international nation, must then have its army and navy to preserve peace and enforce international law. The tremendous armies and navies now needed to keep the parts from destroying each other will crumble to pieces as of no further use. The only national forces needed will be for local police purposes similar to the State forces in our Union. Of course, there must be international legislative, executive and judicial departments, for the control of the organism, and these will constitute the brain. There will necessarily be local brain centers in each organ or nation to control the units, centers analogous to the ganglia of the body, and that means there will be as much "home rule" as in the body of a mammal, but where will the brain be situated and what units are now specializing for this duty?

It goes without saying that the units doing this work will be those having the brain, and the intelligent nations will do the most of it. But we have shown that through natural selection, average brain and intelligence increase from Central Africa to the Northwestern corner of Europe. Moreover, after this process ceased, emigration continued to eliminate the least successful, so that the average ability of those left at home was higher.

To be sure, only the young migrate - men who have not yet had a chance to prove ability, and many are of a high order, but as a rule they are children of the least successful and inherit parental qualities. The present migration of Swedes - 25,000 yearly - is merely continuing the weeding out begun in the bronze age of prehistory. Many of them flow into higher civilizations than they ever dreamed of on their peasant farms - the identical thing that happened to the first emigrants to reach Southern Asia and Europe 3,500 years ago. There is no doubt, then, that Northwestern Europe is becoming more and more intelligent for this reason, and cannot fail to dominate the world.

The English Empire covers one-fifth of the globe; the Dutch Empire is as big as Europe, and the total of all the colonies of Northern Europe covers two-fifths of the surface of the earth, and perhaps over half. If we include Russia, it is more than three-fifths. Of the 1,500,000,000 of people now living, twenty-six and four-tenths per cent, are ruled by Great Britain; nine per cent, by Russia; six and three-tenths per cent, by France; six per cent, by America; four per cent, by Germany, a total of 52.6 per cent. If we include the nations under the guidance of Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia and Denmark, and those protected by the United States, it is probable that six-or seven-tenths of the human race are guided by the Aryan brains of Europe and America, and more than half, probably seven-tenths of these, are controlled by the English. The Northwestern corner of Europe is already the cranium of the future world nation, and to a certain extent London holds the main ganglion - the will - for little can be done in international affairs until it is consulted. The recently acquired independence of Bulgaria is but part of the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, which has been going on for centuries, and it brings us a step nearer to the control of that empire by Northern Europe, for Bulgaria is merely a pawn for the real rulers.

As the brain needs more blood than any other organ, so the brainy nations are absorbing most of the wealth. Three-fifths of all the gold mined in the world, and nearly all the diamonds found, are owned by Englishmen. French capital is invested all over the world, and the profits flow to Paris. American dividends are distributed in Northwestern Europe almost precisely as they were in the days of colonial plantations. Thousands of Europeans are supported by the immense wealth carried there by the annual flood of American tourists. Curiously enough the nitrogen which flows to Europe from Chili, to keep up the food production, is mostly the property of Germans and Englishmen. That immense commerce already described as centering in the Northwestern corner of Europe is carrying so much wealth that it is now the richest spot on the globe. By actual statistics, it has been proved that over three-fourths of the wealth of Europe is concentrated in the Northwestern corner already, and perhaps one-third of the wealth of the world, and naturally, London, the very center, is the richest spot in this world of riches. Moreover, these riches are so widely invested that it has been said that "every nation is part proprietor of every other." Ownership by absentees is becoming a universal phenomenon.

As differences of climate make it impossible for one type of man to live permanently anywhere except in the location which evolved him, the future "world nation" must of necessity be composed of the present types of mankind, somewhat modified, to be sure, by civilization forced on them, but fitted to live in the diverse environments built up in diverse climates - black men here, yellow there, and the blond in the Northwestern corner of Europe, his breeding place.

Since it is now known that the supremacy of the aggressive "blond beast" of Nietzsche is due to the highly organized brain, it is evident that the Northwestern corner of Europe, where he lives and breeds, will always increase in population to the limit of his ability to bring in foods, and that ability depends on the wealth which his brains accumulate. Even now, this tiny spot on the surface of the earth, possesses more brains than any other, for nearly all of the advances of civilization originate there; it is financing the business of the world, and it is more densely inhabited than any other place. It is not a stretch of the imagination, then, to continue into the future the trend of past and present events and see a time when it will be populated by hundreds of millions of brainy white men who are kept alive by an enormous stream of foods and goods brought in from their "farms" and factories scattered over the face of the earth - the laborers being the races fit to live there and the managers being "white" men trained and detailed for the dangerous duty, but periodically-relieved.

What seems to be a step in the direction of a future European attitude toward America, is the present attempt of foreign governments to induce their emigrants to retain their home citizenship and look upon America merely as a money-making place, so that they can return "home" like a Chinaman, when they have accumulated enough. In spite of the fact that neither Italy nor Sweden can possibly feed their surplus population, each seems to resent the migration to America and wants to repatriate the naturalized immigrants. It is said that there are over 1,000,000 Swedes in America, half being native born of Swedish parents, and the others born in Sweden. Aryan emigrants never before have shown a disposition to return "home," after they were forced out of the nest. They go forth to survive or perish, according as the climate is good or bad. They were always seeking food before, but now they are beginning to go forth for wealth with which to return home and import food. That has been the way Englishmen have gone to their tropical colonies for over a century. It does seem to be a natural evolution after all is said, and perhaps we will see a falling off in the desire to give up allegiance to the home governments. If such a state of affairs ever does take place, it is quite evident that America and all "spheres of influence" will become merely outlying farms or factories for the Aryans at home. Joseph Chamberlain correctly described English colonies as "undeveloped estates".

America's brief history is a mere step in the process of many millenniums, for we immigrants are preparing the farms and factories for the descendants of blood relatives we left at " home." Even if our independent existence should last a thousand years, it is a mere episode in the evolution of a world power controlled from Europe.