About the time that man found his way into Scandinavia, there occurred a remarkable invasion from Asia, where evolution of brain had apparently progressed at a more rapid rate. Consequently the early Asiatics or Turanians were far in advance of Europeans, building up high civilizations long prior to any in the West - indeed, it is not at all unlikely that they are responsible for the first civilization in Egypt - being the first conquerors of the men who had migrated to the Nile Valley from Europe. Consequently the density of population was much higher in Asia than in Europe, and when the barrier between the two types disappeared, the Asiatics at once flooded Europe. This movement began at the end of the neolithic period, and as their remains appear about the time that bronze was introduced into Northern Europe, they are often credited with having brought it with them. These broad-headed Asiatics were heavier men than the Europeans, and were able to conquer their way into almost every nook and corner of Europe. They did not reach further south than the middle of Italy, and the middle of Spain also, perhaps, though they did enter Greece. They even overran Denmark and must have percolated into Scandinavia. The density of population was very low throughout Northern Europe, and the invaders found immense areas unoccupied. They no doubt slaughtered the natives wherever met. They introduced the custom of burning their dead, but as they often lived with natives who buried their dead, they may have existed as an aristocracy. In England, the new race introduced the curious custom of burial in round sepulchres, so that they have been called the "round barrow" race in contrast to the earlier or "long barrow" race. Both types still exist in all the British Islands and Ireland.

This early migration from overpopulated Asia was the first "yellow peril" - and a very real one, too. The last waves were the historic incursions under Attila, the great Khans, Tamerlane, Mahomet II and the Turks. Some types of these later invaders have completely disappeared from Europe, but the earlier types have persisted and now constitute the great Alpine race - so called because it has been in great part forced into the mountains and inhospitable places by more intelligent later immigrants from the north. Like the Eurafrican race, it has changed here and there to accommodate itself to special environments, but there is a complete gradation of forms from the refined types found in France and England to the Mongolian forms in European Russia. They all tend to be of medium height, with thick set bodies, broad heads and faces, and a complexion more or less brunet, according to locality.

Probably this yellow invasion may have been one of the reasons why some of the primitive Eurafrican race were forced into Scandinavia and kept there undergoing that tremendous brain evolution which has made them the most intelligent race on earth - evolving the highest language in existence, and at the present time controlling the world. The "yellow terror" of prehistory may have thus been one of the causes of Aiyan evolution - a blessing in disguise, for there is no doubt that every fact connected with the Aryans shows their origin to have been in a cold climate in Northern Europe, and that the word Aryan is really a synonym for the blond race.