The following examples are taken from Taylor's "Origin of the Aryans," pages 199 to 202:

"In Jamaica both the whites and the mulattoes become sterile, while the negroes are prolific; and hence the type is lapsing into the pure negro, as in Hayti. The European element is dying out, not only through sterility, but by the liability to tropical diseases, which are not so fatal to the natives of the tropical regions. The English race is doomed to disappear, leaving behind it nothing but a corrupt English jargon as an evidence of its former dominance.

"Negroes succeed in the West Indies, and the Gulf States, but die out in Canada and New England. The English race succeeds in the Northern States and Australia, but fails in India and the tropics. The Dutch fail to naturalize themselves in Java and Sumatra; and in the third generation even the Malay-half-breeds become sterile. The Dutch have left no descendants in Ceylon, but at the cape they have left large families, possessing great stature and physical power. The French succeeded in Canada and Mauritius. In the West Indies and New Orleans they can exist, but they do not increase in numbers. In Algiers emigrants from the Southern departments succeed. The Spaniards, a South European race, together with Maltese and Jews, thrive better in Algiers than any other immigrants from Europe.

* Taylor.

"In Egypt no foreign race has ever naturalized itself. The Egyptian Fellah still exhibits the precise type seen upon the monuments. The Ptolemai Greeks have left no trace, the Mamelukes were unable to propagate their race, and the Albians and Turks are mostly childless, and there is great mortality among the negroes.

"Hindustan is Aryan in speech, but not in race. There are in India some 140,000,000 of people who speak Aryan languages, but the actual descendants of the Aryan invaders are very few. They are represented by certain Rajput families, and by the Brahmins of Benares and some other cities of the Ganges. [It is now believed that the Aryans died out ages ago.]

"At St. Petersburg the deaths exceed the births, and in North Russia the Slavonic-speaking population only maintains itself owing to the blood being mainly Finnic or Samoyed.

"The Gothic blood has nearly died out in Spain, the Lombard in Italy, and the Vandal in Northern Africa. Southern Germany was originally Celtic or Ligurian. It was Teutonized in speech by German invaders; . . . but the type of the conquerors has now disappeared, and the prehistoric type has reasserted itself, except among the nobles, who are of the Teutonic type. Plainly, the fair Northern race has been unable to maintain itself, and has left little more than its Teutonic speech as an evidence of conquest.

"On the other hand, feeble indigenous races are unable to maintain themselves in the presence of the higher civilization of an invading race which happens to be suited to the environment.

"In the United States the Red Indians are rapidly disappearing before the whites [except where kept alive as paupers], while in Mexico the Aztec race shows a continually increasing preponderance over the descendants of the Spanish conqueror. But the Tasmanians, Australians, Maoris, Fijians, and Sandwich Islanders have disappeared or are destined to disappear. The Arabs in Algeria are withdrawing to the Sahara, but the Berbers prosper and increase. The French conquest has resulted in one native race being supplanted by another, just as in the West Indies the European occupation has caused the Carib tribes to disappear before the more vigorous negro race which has been introduced".

In Hawaii the general trend of observation is to the effect that the aborigines are dying out as unfitted for survival in the new civilized environment, the half-breeds are even less hardy and short-lived, while it is entirely too soon to say anything of the whites born there, as the infusion of new blood from the United States is so constant that there are few illustrations of native whites in the third generation. We can confidently predict that without the infusion of new vigorous blood from the United States the native whites will become extinct. Even now many families are compelled to leave after a few years, on account of bad health.

As a rule, Northern people who go to Cuba, escape disease the first summer while they retain their strength and vitality; but the natives all advise such newcomers to go away during the second summer, which is considered very fatal, for by that time the strong active man has become weak and nonresisting and not acclimatized.