The low moral tone in the United States is an index of the low intellectual level of the lower masses, for after all is said morality and intelligence are more or less synonymous. To be sure, every now and then we find a one-sided man, whose high intellectual gifts are specialized, and who attains success in a limited sphere, in spite of a low moral sense. Occasionally, they are caught up. Too often stealing is the basis of riches, so that mere possession of wealth is no criterion of being a valuable citizen. Omitting these exceptional cases, we do find that the code is low in races lacking in brain development, and progressively rises with higher average mentality. The negro cannot be made to understand that stealing of food is wrong, and in his native state, food is public property. All types invariably bring their moral codes with them, and hold to them in spite of education. They resent the Aryan laws under which they now live - laws applicable for the Northwest corner of Europe, but not appropriate for the Mediterranean basin or Central Europe.

They will not obey such laws, and that is the reason there is such lawlessness in the United States, a condition of affairs which is being constantly commented upon. Lawlessness is not the exact term to use, for the conduct is what is normal or natural to the types. What is considered a cold-blooded murder in Scotland may be a laudable act in Sicily, and a Sicilian in America cannot be made to look upon the law against murder as do citizens of Scotch ancestry.

The crimes, therefore, which burden our courts are the result of the tremendous migration of lower types into a higher culture. Scotland would have the same if a million Mediterranean peasants were to migrate to it. It is not surprising, then, that there should be many thousands of murders in the United States every year, and that crime and pauperism should cost us $6,000,-000,000 annually. If it were not for these expenses our annual increase of wealth, now only $5,000,000,000, would be doubled. Even so great a man as Chief Justice Walter Olark, of North Carolina, forgets our cities when he talks of our "greater capacity for self government," and the confidence we have acquired in ourselves from experience. We have less confidence, and our hordes of immigrants lower our capacity. He says that more than a century has proved the fallacy of Alexander Hamilton's fear that the people could not be safely trusted with their own government - but Hamilton was right.*

The popular conception of the States is that it is an agency to prevent people from doing what they wish to do. How to circumvent the law is, therefore, a question everybody is engaged in solving for himself. Chief Justice Charles B. Lore, of the Supreme Court of Delaware, directly charged the great financiers and captains of industry with being chiefly responsible for this degradation of popular sentiment, through what he described as their "gigantic frauds and lawlessness in the pursuit of wealth"; but financiers could not do this if the lower layers of society disapproved. ""Wherever contracts or franchises of any kind are to be secured from a community, leading citizens are found in the ring to rob their neighbors, managers of corporations are bribing lawmakers, lawyers for pay are helping their clients to bribe safely, and jurors are refusing to render just verdicts." No worse indictment than this could be brought against any people. It discloses conditions which seem hopeless of improvement, were it not for the pioneers of a new righteousness, who believe that Alexander Hamilton was correct. All the people cannot be trusted with their own government, and it must be placed in the hands of the type of men who organized it. Our democracy is unnatural. Nothing like our moral conditions exist in the Aryan Northwestern corner of Europe, though it does exist in non-Aryan Portugal and Turkey. Reform is impossible until we return to nature and place the franchise in the hands of men of intelligence, so that the best brains will be occupied in workings for the organism first and the units secondarily instead of the reverse as at present.

* "A compilation of statistics and statements by representative newspapers, judges and others concerning the increase of crime and lawlessness in the United States, which appears in McClure's Magazine, for December, 1905, contains an appalling record of moral, social and business degeneration. The first and most startling fact stated is that there are at present four and a half times as many murders and homicides for each million of people in the United States as there were in 1881. Other crimes of all sorts are shown to have increased in like proportion confirming the statement made by President Henry Hopkins of Williams College before a public meeting in New York, that 'there is abounding evidence of an alarming increase of crime of every sort, but especially of the kind that undermines honesty, chastity and respect for law.' Similar statements are quoted from leading newspapers, charges by judges in criminal trials, and responsible citizens in all parts of the Union. A typical expression is that attributed to an Alderman of Chicago: 'No one respects the law. No one respects the courts. The courts don't respect themselves".

In the meantime, the natural course of events gives us a dreadful number of degenerates to care for, and we must give heed to the matter. The Commissioner General of Immigration, F. P. Sargent, in his report, July, 1904, said that of the immigrants who arrived in the previous five years, nearly 45,000 were already in confinement - 3,995 for grave crimes, 5,686 for minor offenses, 20,279 insane and 14,604 paupers. He commented on this non-Aryan immigration, and called it a grave danger, but he merely referred to their ignorance, not to their inherent lack of brain. Critics of Mr. Sargent affirm that we can digest this horde, that is, we can convert them into good, blond, brainy Aryans - the type fit to manage such a government as we possess.