It is now evident that the form of our future social organization is to be worldwide, containing as its units every man capable of doing some commensal good to the organism. All other men must and will perish. Each man will do that which he can do best. Those born with small brains will not be required to do brain work, but the organism's brain system will be composed of men of brains and no others. Although all men will be equal in the protection of society, only those capable of using the franchise will have it, and there will be no hereditary members of this class, for no young man will be permitted to vote until he proves he knows how to use the vote. The brainless men nocking to our shores will have the franchise taken away, as the negro has in the South, even though it might be a bloody operation. Luckily, the Asiatics, called yellow man, red man and brown man, have not been officially declared equal to white men, and there is no mistake to correct as in the case of the Asiatics and Mediterraneans from Europe, who are mistakenly called Aryans because they speak Aryan languages.

No class will be permitted to aggrandize commonwealth while others suffer. A mammal suffers and dies if one class of citizens, say the liver, collects masses of nourishment while the nerve cells are starving, and so must a nation. An inheritance tax of fifty or seventy-five per cent, for large fortunes will soon equalize matters, for even the rich themselves are advocating such a tax. Nothing can be done until brains are put into the executive and guiding positions and paid well enough to stay there. This does not mean that the franchise or public office is to be limited to men of the Aryan race, but far from it, for every race produces exceptional variations much higher than the average man of Northwestern Europe. Prof. Bernard Moses, in an address to the students of the University of California, in 1904, struck the nail on the head when he advocated a franchise restricted to intelligent men, no matter what their ancestry.

We have shown that the variations in the Aryan brain are becoming more and more marked. At the present time, there are lower types and higher types than existed 2,000 years ago, and more of them. Variations are also occurring among the Africans and Asiatics among us. Indeed, some of our most intelligent citizens are of the Asiatic type. The ones to be excluded from the franchise are the low variations of every race of man. This will enable the Aryan to utilize in ruling positions the brains of every other race, but it will not alter the fact that as the Aryan contains a higher percentage of big brains of the world it will be for all times entrusted with the rule of the earth for the mutual interest of all mankind. The action of the Colombian Government in obstructing the construction of the Panama Canal and thus interfering with the progress of civilization and the prosperity of the world, is proof that such governments must be excluded from any voice in the affairs of the world.

In this view of the matter, the negro amendments to our Constitution are scientifically correct in that they make it possible for exceptional variations in any lower race to take a share in the higher governing duties if they have the ability. As passed and interpreted by the extremists of the reconstruction period, they are unscientific and therefore harmful, for they forced some units of the organization to do work for which they were physically unfitted. It forced them into guiding positions, whereas they had not the brains to guide with, and it was as erroneous as to expect a muscle or liver cell of a mammal to do the work of a brain cell. Universal suffrage, therefore, is unnatural, and exists nowhere on earth, not even in the most homogeneous Aryan democracies.

The attitude of the republican party on the question of suffrage is strictly scientific, and, that is, there shall be no restriction of this right by reason of religion, color or race. There is absolutely nothing in that attitude which discountenances withdrawing the franchise from those unable to use it, but by insisting upon the right of the most intelligent men of every race to vote, we make it possible to utilize all the brains of the country, no matter what their race or religion. On the other hand, the lower intelligence of the average Malay renders him as unfit for the franchise as the average negro, and we have repeated the blunder by giving the Filipino a vote he cannot use, and it cannot help being injurious to the native himself. A great restriction of the franchise is absolutely necessary, not because he is brown, but because he is stupid.

The old Roman republic was a very limited aristocracy. At first the sovereignty was held by a few thousand persons, then it passed into the hands of some score families, then it was maintained for a moment by individuals, and at last was seized by one man who became the master of 120,000,000,* and this is what has happened in Venezuela and will happen in the United States if democratic principles are allowed free play - each man to secure what he can. Luckily, republican principles must forever be used to prevent any units becoming too powerful, and also to prevent useful units from becoming too feeble. The negro amendments must stand forever, though modified by modern interpretation. They are already modified where the negro is too numerous, and the modern interpretation merely gives negroes power if they are able to hold it. The attitude toward the negro in the South is bound to become the attitude of society to its brainless white citizens.

* Draper, p. 252, "Intelligent Development of Europe".

Modern Aryan democracy as upheld by the leaders of the republican party is an illustration of the biological law of the "utilization of the unfit." That is, the types which, in former ages could not survive, are now carefully preserved if they can render any possible service to society. Civilization makes them fit for survival, and they cease to be unfit.