Now, when an isolated nation of men is long established its invariable tendency is to take a similar course of evolution. The citizens become specialized, by reason of variation in development, and break up into hereditary groups each of which does one little thing, and the ruling class - constituting the brain and nervous system of the organism - becomes hereditary also. The organization of ancient Egypt into a huge living organism is well described by Alexander Glovataki* " It was as one person in which the priestly order performed the role of mind, the Pharaoh was the will, the people formed the body." China is the best illustration, for here we find men employed as hereditary farmers, fishers, actors, boatmen, soldiers, barbers, coolies, etc., just as their respective ancestors have done from time immemorial. Each man takes up the work of his father and so on indefinitely. The ruling element, though not hereditary, is also much specialized, and is as unfit and unable to do any productive work as the nerve cells in a mammal. China has been conquered, overrun, repeatedly "broken up," yet it survives over all disasters, because it has unwittingly taken the course of natural evolution of living organisms, like the mammals. It is a huge organism composed of specialized units. Individual liberty is at a minimum. The citizen's life is of no moment, and is unhesitatingly sacrificed if the common good demands it. Its army was formerly like a mob of leucocytes without cohesion, acting by mere numbers. Its whole system is closely allied to what we find in the lower forms of animal life. Chinese democracy, nevertheless, is a living active force, as described in the "Letters From a Chinese Official."*  The Government is dependent upon the people and not the reverse. New laws are made only upon their demand, and after proof of efficacy and popularity - never imposed from above.

That is, the social organism develops a mind which is as distinct a thing as the human mind. "Public opinion," "crowd mind," or "race mind" is the composite of the thoughts of all men, and to a certain extent the mind of man is the composite of what might be called the minds of his individual cells. The "mind" of a hive of bees or nest of ants is of the same nature. Even in Russia where there is almost as little personal freedom as in an ant nest, there has always been a powerful public opinion upon which the government is based. The Duma now gives expression to these opinions and the government cannot move without its aid.

Organisms could not have been welded together unless the units thought alike in a general way. Hence, the "crowd mind" keeps us alike, each one tries instinctively to do as his neighbors. Fashions are inevitable. Solidarity would be impossible if we did not dread being conspicuous and did not prevent others from departing too far from custom. Hence, the social mind is guilty of the most fiendish persecution of innovators or any one who is unlike the mass or breaks social customs.

* "The Pharaoh and the Priest".

*  McClure, Philipps & Co.

In Europe, the older nations naturally and invariably took a direction which would have landed them in the condition of China, if other factors had not entered. In nature, the struggle for existence or survival was always decided in favor of those organisms which could take care of their offspring best. So that mammals drove all other organisms to the wall, exterminating those which could not adapt themselves to changed conditions. Those mammals succeeded best which had most brains, hence, man took the lead over all the others because he could take care of his family, and could organize best for mutual protection. Now, we can appreciate why China, huge and unwieldy, in spite of high organization, is at last slowly being forced out of existence as an independent social organism. It can be likened to those huge saurians which flourished at one time but which disappeared before the onslaughts of smaller mammals with more brain and better able to take care of offspring. China as an organism, has very little brain, most of its 400,000,000 are mere animals - coolies, laborers, low-grade farmers and boatmen. It has as little brain relatively as a saurian, and its nerve organization is just as primitive. It cannot possibly stand before the Aryan social organism, with its higher brain and nervous system. So China is invariably whipped and partly dismembered after every fight with an Aryan organization. The same struggle took place between different types of men and nations, and all inferior types have either perished or become commensal subordinates to higher nations. Man never permits a living thing to survive if it is inimical to him.

Mammals which are changed by breeding so as to render more services become "domesticated," are protected, and are driving all others to the wall. The earth seems now to be in the possession of man, and the domestic animals he has bred up to this commensal existence. Likewise, a higher nation never permits other nations to survive if they are inimical to it. All are exterminated unless they are changed to render service to the higher nation, taking somewhat the relation of a "domesticated animal" to man. Hence, the ruling surviving nations, like the ruling, surviving mammals, are those with the most brains. The result is that the Aryan nations contain a superabundance of unit citizens capable of acting as nerve cells for lower nations, and there is a constant stream of these men flowing out to take superintending positions in lower organisms. In other words, the organization of mankind is not taking the direction of several organisms, but of one huge organism, including all men on earth, and the type is to be similar to that of a mammal, excepting that it will be immortal.

At present each unit has the power to reproduce itself, and the family is the basis of social organization because of this power. Yet it is not at all impossible that social organization may finally restrict reproduction to certain classes, as in a mammal. But such an evolution requires millions of years and need not worry us now. The propositions to regulate procreation and marriage to those we consider fittest is not only impossible, but would be disastrous, for no one knows what kind of men are best for the future.

We can see the handwriting on the wall already, for more than half of all human beings are now protected and guided by the Aryan brain, to their mutual benefit. Some men with black skins will remain as producers in countries where black skins are needed, but not being possessed of brains will have them loaned for guiding purposes. Brown brothers will be in other countries, guided by white, to produce more of their special products for white man's use, but receiving a reciprocal benefit in the way of an immense market which they would not have if white men were not present to get it for them. It will be absurd to think that the brainless units, unable to think, are to do any thinking. Few individuals in these lower races will be able to wield the franchise or take any part whatever in governmental affairs.