The national platform of the democratic party once stated that if there is any land where a white man cannot live permanently, it should not be a part of the territory of the United States, and this paper shows that if this statement is true we are to vacate almost all of the Southern part of our own country and most of the West. If by white men is meant blonds, then we must give up nearly all of it. Contrary to this we must hold every land useful to us whether we can live there or not. Cuba is necessary to us, and yet few Americans can live there. For every American who migrates to Cuba there were fifty Spanish emigrants in 1904, because the climate is best for Mediterraneans.

As a matter of fact, the American Protectorate of all "independent" nations of the Western Hemisphere, is nearly a century old already, for it had its birth with their "independence." In 1823, John Quincy Adams announced the protectorate over Cuba, and that we would not permit its transfer to any other power. Henry Clay and dozens of other statesmen have voiced the same policy. Spain, otherwise, would have lost control long before she did. The Monroe Doctrine merely stated what had long been a fact, and the world has acquiesced. The Cuban protectorate is slowly evolving into a closer union - indeed, the policy has been announced to the world that another failure of the Cubans in government will be the last. But Cuba as a nation will not disappear. It cannot coalesce, for it is as different from us as the liver differs from the pancreas, consequently its separate existence as part of the larger organism is the only possible result. The same applies to all the republics of South America, which will retain national existence, first as commensal organisms and then as organs of a whole.

Expansion in the Pacific is of the same nature. The fear of the Filipinos that they will lose national existence is absurd - they have been given a nationality they did not possess under Spanish control, and our own safety demands the preservation and increased prosperity of that new organism we have created. It is merely an item in the growth of a world nation. The flood of recent books and articles on the subject of imperialism is due to the fact that this world-welding evolution has progressed to a tremendous extent in both hemispheres.

As every expansion has resulted in bloodshed, we have no reason to doubt that future ones will be equally painful. Modern diplomacy can and will prevent some of these wars, but as they are merely the clashes of natural forces over which we have no control it is foolish to think we can prevent them entirely. Public discussion of the facts will go a great way toward peace, yet after all is said it is a matter of force. The trouble in the Pacific was to be expected, and if we are not able to protect ourselves, it is expecting the Japanese to be more than human to refrain from driving us out of her sphere of influence, and if the Japanese are not strong, American aggression will be the natural course of events. The two organisms - Japan and America - are in contact now, and it is to be hoped that the pressure of expansion of each will not cause invasion of one by the other. There is one fact which will probably prevent war and that is the realization by Japan that the conquest of a Christian land by a non-Christian nation, will not be tolerated by Christendom any more than the conquests of Greece by the Turk. Luckily, the best brains of each nation, though preparing for defense, are exerting themselves to the utmost to create a cordial friendship which will result in cooperation rather than cutthroat competition. The two nations must inevitably become parts of one whole, instead of antagonistic independent organisms.

The military conclusion of all this is, that from now on, for an indefinite time, perhaps always, the regular army will be occupied in governing the tropics. The sooner we enlarge it and prepare it for this purpose, by teaching anthropology and tropical subjects in civil and military schools, the better it will be for the nation. The troops must be selected in reference to their stature, color, and ability to stand the climate, for to send others is next to murder. Eventually, we must employ native troops, as Great Britain is doing in every part of the world. The time is now ripe for organizing a Filipino part of the regular army, with native soldiers, native officers in the lower grades, and white officers from captain up, but as in India, no Aryan must ever be placed under the control of a Malay or disaster will result. The native officer must be in a class between the native soldier and the lowest grade of white officer, as in India, where each native regiment is thus supplied with about ten controlling white brains. The present plan of sending unfit troops there for the maximum safe period - two years - is merely a temporary makeshift until a more natural system is evolved.