The Cameo Series .

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I. The Lady from the Sea. By

Henrik Ibsen. Translated by Eleanor Marx Aveling. Second Edition. Portrait.

4 Iphigenia in Delphi, with some

Translations from the Greek. By Richard Garnett, LL.D. Frontispiece.

5. Mireio : A Provencal Poem. By Frederic Mistral, Translated by H. W. Preston. Frontispiece by Joseph Pennell,

6. Lyrics. Selected from the Works of A. Mary F. Robinson (Mme. James Darmesteter). Frontispiece.

7. A Minor Poet. By Amy Levy.

With Portrait. Second Edition.

8. Concerning Cats : A Book of

Verses by many Authors. Edited by Graham R. Thompson. Illustrated.

9 A Chaplet from the Greek Anthology. By Richard Garnett, LL.D.

11. The LoveSongs of Robert Burns.

Selected and Edited, with Introduction, by Sir George Douglas, Bart. With Front. Portrait.

12. LoveSongs of Ireland. Collected and Edited by Katherine Tynan.

13. Retrospect, and other Poems. By A. Mary F. Robinson (Mme. Darmesteter), Author of "An Italian Garden," etc.

14. Brand : A Dramatic Poem. By Henrik Ibsen. Translated by F. Edmund Garrett.

15. The Son of Don Juan. By

Don Jose Echegaray. Translated into English, with biographical introduction, by James Graham. With Etched Portrait of the Author by Don B. Maura.

16. Marian By Don Jose

Echegaray. Translated into English by James Graham. With a Photogravure of a recent Portrait of the Author.

17. Flamma Vestalis, and other Poems. By Eugene Mason. Frontispiece after Sir Edward Burke-Jones.

11, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.C. •

T. Fisher Unwin, Publisher,

The Mermaid Series

The Best Plays of the Old Dramatists. Literal Reproductions of the Old Text.

Post 8vo., each Volume containing about 500 pages, and an etched Frontispiece, cloth, 3s. 6d. each.

1. The Best Plays of Christopher

Marlowe. Edited by Havelock Ellis, and containing a General Introduction to the Scries by John Addington Symonds.

2. The Best Plays of Thomas Otway. Introduction by the Hon. Roden Noel.

3. The Best Plays of John Ford. -

Edited by Havelock Ellis.

4 and 5. The Best Plays of Thomas

Massinger. Essay and Notes by wood. Edited by A. W. Verity. Introduction by J. A. Symonds.

Arthur Symons.

6. The Best Plays of Thomas Hey.

7. The Complete Plays of William Wycherley. Edited by W. C. Ward.

8. Nero, and other Plays. Edited by H. P. Horne, Arthur Symons, A. W. Verity, and H. Ellis.

9 and 10. The Best Plays of Beaumont and Fletcher. Introduction by J. St. Loe Strachey.

11. The Complete Plays of William

Congreve. Edited by Alex. C.


12. The Best Plays of Webster and Tourneur. Introduction by John Addington Symonds.

13 and 14. The Best Plays of

Thomas Middleton. Introduction by Algernon Charles Swinburne.

15. The Best Plays of James Shirley. Introduction by Edmund Gosse.

16. The Best Plays of Thomas

Dekker. Notes by Ernest Rhys.

17. 19, and 20. The Best Plays of

Ben Jonson. Vol. I. edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Brinsley Nicholson and C. H. Herford.

18. The Complete Plays of Richard

Steele. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by G. A. Aitken.

21. The Best Plays of George Chapman. Edited by William Lyon Phelps, Instructor of English Literature at Yale College.

22. The Select Plays of Sir John

Vanbrugh. Edited, with an Introduction and Notes, by A. E. H.


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"Even the professed scholar with a good library at his command will find some texts here not otherwise easily accessible; while the humbler student of slender resources, who knows the bitterness of not being able to possess himself of the treasure stored in expensive folios or quartos long out of print, will assuredly rise up and thank-Mr. Unwin." - St. James's Gazette.

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"At once scholarly and interesting." - Leeds Mercury.

11, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.C.

T. Fisher Unwin, Publisher,

Builders Of Greater Britain

Edited By

H. F. Wilson

A Set of 10 Volumes, each with Photogravure Frontispiece, and Map, large crown &8vo., cloth, 5 s. each.

The completion of the Sixtieth year of the Queen's reign will be the occasion of much retrospect and review, in the course of which the great men who, under the auspices of Her Majesty and her predecessors, have helped to make the British Empire what it is to-day, will naturally be brought to mind. Hence the idea of the present series. These biographies, concise but full, popular but authoritative, have been designed with the view of giving in each case an adequate picture of the builder in relation to his work.

The series will be under the general editorship of Mr. H. F, Wilson, formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and now private secretary to the Right Hon. J. Chamberlain at the Colonial Office. Each volume will be placed in competent hands, and will contain the best portrait obtainable of its subject, and a map showing his special contribution to the Imperial edifice. The first to appear will be a Life of Sir Walter Ralegh, by Major Hume, the learned author of " The Year after the Armada." Others in contemplation will deal with the Cabots, the quarter-centenary of whose sailing from Bristol is has recently been celebrated in that city, as well as in Canada and Newfoundland; Sir Thomas Maitland, the "King Tom" of the Mediterranean; Rajah Brooke, Sir Stamford Rafiles, Lord Clive, Edward Gibbon Wakefield, Zachary Macaulay, etc, etc.