Published By T. Fisher Unwin, II, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.C. . . . .

T. Fisher Unwin, Publisher,

Six-Shilling Novels

In uniform green cloth, large crown 8vo., gilt tops, 6s,

Effie Hetherington. By Robert Buchanan. Second Edition. An Outcast of the Islands. By Joseph Conrad. Second Edition Almayer's Folly. By Joseph Conrad. Second Edition. The Ebbing of the Tide. By Louis Becke. Second Edition. A First Fleet Family. By Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery. Paddy's Woman, and Other Stories. By Humphrey James. Clara Hopgood. By Mark Rutherford. Second Edition. The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes. Portrait of the Author. Second Edition.

The Stickit Minister. By S. R. Crockett. Eleventh Edition The Lilac Sunbonnet. By S. R. Crockett. Sixth Edition. The Raiders. By S. R. Crockett. Eighth Edition. The Grey Man. By S. R. Crockett. In a Man's Mind. By J. R. Watson.

A Daughter of the Fen. By J. T. Bealby. Second Edition. The Herb-Moon. By John Oliver Hobbes. Third Edition. Nancy Noon. By Benjamin Swift. Second Edition. With New Preface.

Mr. Magnus. By F. Reginald Statham. Second Edition. Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland. By Olive Schreiner.


Pacific Tales. By Louis Becke. With Frontispiece Portrait of the Author. Second Edition.

Mrs. Keith's Crime. By Mrs. W. K. Clifford. Sixth Edition.

With Portrait of Mrs. Keith by the Hon. John Collier, and a New Preface by the Author.

Hugh Wynne. By Dr. S. Weir Mitchell. With Frontispiece


The Tormentor. By Benjamin Swift, Author of " Nancy Noon." Prisoners of Conscience. By Amelia E. Barr, Author of "Jan

Vedder's Wife." With 12 Illustrations.

The Gods, some Mortals and Lord Wickenham. New Edition. By John Oliver Hobbes.

The Outlaws of the Marches. By Lord Ernest Hamilton.

Fully illustrated.

The School for Saints : Part of the History of the Right Honourable

Robert Orange, M.P. By John Oliver Hobbes, Author of "Sinner's Comedy,' " Some Emotions and a Moral," " The Herb Moon," etc.

The People of Clopton. By George Bartram.

11, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.C.

T. Fisher Unwin, Publisher.

Some 3/6 Novels

Uniform Edition of Mark Rutherford's works. Edited by Reuben Shapcott. Crown 8vo., cloth.

The Autobiography of Mark

Rutherford. Fifth Edition.

Mark Rutherford's Deliverance. New Edition.

Miriam's Schooling, and other Papers. By Mark Rutherford. With Frontispiece by Walter Crane. Second Edition.

The Revolution in Tanner's Lane.

Catharine Furze : A Novel. By Mark Rutherford. Fourth Edition,

Clara Hopgood. By Mark


"These writings are certainly not to be lightly dismissed, bearing as they do the impress of a mind which, although limited in range and sympathies, is decidedly original." - Times.

The Statement of Stella Maberly. By F. Anstey, Author of

" Vice Versa." Crown 8vo. cloth.

"It is certainly a strange and striking story." - Athenceum.

Ginette's Happiness. Being a translation by Ralph Derechefof

" Le Bonheur de Ginette." Crown 8vo., c!o;h. " Pretty and gracefully told." - Pall Mall Gazette.

Silent Gods and Sun-Steeped Lands. By R. W. Frazer.

Second Edition. With 4 full-page Illustrations by A. D. McCormick and a Photogravure Frontispiece. Small crown 8vo., cloth.

"Mr. Frazer writes powerfully and well, and seems to have an intimate acquaintance with the sun-steeped land, and the strange beings who people it" - Glasgow Herald.

Paul Heinsius. By Cora Lyster. Crown 8vo., cloth.

" This is an extremely clever and altogether admirable, but not altogether unkindly, anatomisation of Teutonic character." - Daily Chronicle.

My Bagdad. By Elliott Dickson. Illustrated. 8vo., cloth.

"Related with a refreshing simplicity that is certain to approve itself to readers." - Bookseller.

Silk of the Kine. By L. McManus (C. MacGuire), Author of

"Amabel: A Military Romance." Crown 8vo., cloth.

"We have read 'The Silk of the Kine,' from the first page to the last, without missing a single word, and we sighed regretfully when Mr. McManus brought the adventures of Margery MacGuire and Piers Ottley to a close." - Literary World.

A Pot of Honey. By Susan Christian. Crown 8vo., cloth.

"The book is the outcome of a clever mind." - Athenaeum.

Liza. of Lambeth. By W. Somerset Maugham. Crown 8vo., cloth.

"An interesting story of life and character in the Surrey-side slums, presented with a great deal of sympathetic humour." - Daily Chronicle.

The Twilight Reef, and other Stories. By Herbert C. McIlwaine.

Crown 8vo., cloth.

11, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.G.

T. Fisher Unwin, Publisher,

The Half-Crown Series

Each Demy 12 mo.y cloth.

1. A Gender In Satan. By Rita.

2. The Making of Mary. By Jean

M. MClLwraith.

3. Diana's Hunting. By Robert


4. Sir Quixote of the Moors. By

John Buchan.

5. Dreams. By Olive Schreiner.

6. The Honour of the Flag. By

Clark Russell.

7. Le Selve. By Ouida. 2nd


8. An Altruist. By Ouida. 2nd