The English Kingdoms. 449-1016

449 English land in Britain.

457 Kent conquered by English.

477 Landing of South Saxons.

491 Siege of Anderida.

495 Landing of West Saxons.

519 Cerdic and Cynric, Kings of West Saxons.

520 British victory at Mount Badon. 547 Ida founds kingdom of Bernicia. 552 West Saxons take Old Sarum.

560 aethelberht, King of Kent, died 616.

568 -----driven back by West Saxons.

571 West Saxons march into Mid-Britain.

577 -----conquer at Deorham.

584 -----defeated at Faddiley.

588 Aethelric creates Kingdom of Northumbria.

593 aethelfrith, King of Northumbria, died 617.

597 Augustine converts Kent.

603 Battle of D:sastan.

613. Battle of Chester.

617 Eadwine, King of Northumbria, died 633.

626 -----overlord of Britain.

Penda, King of the Mercians, died 653.

627 Eadwine becomes Christian. 633 -----slain at Hatfield.

635 Oswald, King of Bernicia, died 642.

-----defeats Welsh at Hevenfeld.

Aidan settles at Holy Island. Conversion of Wessex.

642 Oswald slain at Maserfekl.

651 Oswiu, King of Northumbria, died 670.

655 -----Victory at Win\va?d.

658 West Saxons conquer as far as the Parret.

659 Wulfhere King in Mercia.

661 -----drives West Saxons over Thames.

664 Council of Whitby.

Cœdtnon at Whitby. 668 Theodore made Archbishop of Canterbury, 670 Ecgfrith, King of Northumbria.died 685. 675 aethelred, King of Mercia, died 704.

681 Wilfrid converts South Saxons.

682 Centwine of Wessex conquers Mid-Somerset. 685 Ecgfrith defeated and slain at Nectansmere. 688 Ine, King of West Saxons, died 726.

715 -----defeats Ceolred of Mercia at Wanborough.

716 aethelbald, King of Mercia, died 737. 733 Mercian conquest of Wessex.

735 Death of Baeda.

753 Death of Boniface.

754 Wessex recovers freedom in battle of Burford. 756 Eadberht of Northumbria takes Alcluyd. 758 Off a, King of Mercia, died 796.

775 -----subdues Kentish men at Otford.

779 -----defeats West Saxons at Bensington.

786 -----places Beorhtric on throne of Wessex.

787 ----- creates Archbishopric at Lichfield.

First landing of Danes in England.

796 Cenwulf, King of Mercia, died 821.

802 Ecgberht becomes King in Wessex, died 839.

803 Cenwulf suppresses Archbishopric of Lichfield.

808 Charles the Great restores Eardwulf in Northumbria.

815 Ecgberht subdues the West Welsh to the Tamar.

821 Civil war in Mercia.

825 Ecgberht defeats Mercians at Ellandun.

----- overlord of England south of Thames. Revolt of East Anglia against Mercia.

827 Defeat of Mercians by East Anglians.

828 Mercia and Northumbria submit to Ecgberht. Ecgberht overlord of all English kingdoms. -----invades Wales.

837 -----defeats Danes at Hengestesdun.

839 aethelwulf, King of Wessex, died 858.

849 aelfred born.

851 Danes defeated at Aclea.

853 aelfred sent to Rome.

855 aethelwulf goes to Rome.

857 aethelbald, King of Wessex, died 860.

860 aethelberht, King of Wessex, died 866.

866 aethelred, King of Wessex, died 871.

867 Danes conquer Northumbria.

868 Peace of Nottingham with Danes.

870 Danes conquer and settle in East Anglia.

871 Danes invade Wessex. aelfred, King of Wessex, died 901.

874 Danes conquer Mercia.

876 Danes settle in Northumbria.

877 aelfred defeats Danes at Exeter.

878 Danes overrun Wessex. aelfred victor at Edington. Peace of Wedmore.

883 aelfred sends envoys to Rome and India.

886 aeIfred takes and refortifies London.

893 Danes reappear in Thames and Kent.

894 aelfred drives Hasting from Wessex.

895 Hasting invades Mercia.

896 aeIfred drives Danes from Essex.

897 Hasting quits England. aelfred creates a fleet.

901 Eadward the Elder, died 925.

912 Northmen settle in Normandy.


918 aethelflaed conquers Danish Mercia.

921 Eadward subdues East Anglia and Essex.

924 -----owned as overlord by Northumbria, Scots, and Strathclyde.

925 aethelstan, died 940.

926 -----drives Welsh from Exeter.

934 -----invades Scotland.

937 Victory of Brunanburh.

940 Eadmund, died 946.

943 Dunstan made Abbot of Glastonbury.

945 Cumberland granted to Malcolm, King of Scots.

946 Eadred, died 955.

954 -----makes Northumbria an Earldom.

955 Eadwig, died 959.

956 Banishment of Dunstan.

957 Revolt of Mercia under Eadgar.

958 Eadgar, died 975.

959 Dunstan Archbishop of Canterbury.

975 Eadward the Martyr, died 978.

978 aethelred the Unready, died 1016.


1040 Fulk the Black, Count of Anjou.

994 Invasion of Swein.

1002 Massacre of Danes.

1003 Swein harries Wessex.

1012 Murder of Archbishop aelfheah.

1013 All England submits to Swein. Flight of aethelred to Normandy.

1016 Eadmund Ironside, King, and dies.

England Under Foreign Kings. 1016-1204

1016 Cnut, King, died 1035.

1020 Godwine made Earl of Wessex.

1027 Cnut goes to Rome.

Birth of William of Normandy.

1035 Harald and Harthacnut divide England.

1037 Harald, King, died 1040.

1040 Harthacnut, King, died 1042.

1060 Geoffry Martel, Count of Anjou. 1042 Eadward the Confessor,died 1066. 1045 Lanfranc at Bee.

1047 Victory of William at Val-ès-dunes.

1051 Banishment of Godwine.

William of Normandy visits England.

1052 Return of Godwine.

1053 Death of Godwine.

Harold made Earl of West Saxons.

1054 William's victory at Mortemer.

1055 Harold's first campaign in Wales.

1060 Norraan conquest of Southern Italy. 1058 William's victory at the Dive.

1060 Normans invade Sicily. I063 Harold conquers Wales. 1066 Harold, King.

------conquers at Stamford Bridge.

------defeated at Senlac or Hastings.

William of Normandy, King, died 1087.

1071 Norman Conquest of England. 1070 Reorganization of the Church.

Lanfranc Archbishop of Canterbury. 1075 Rising of Roger Fitz-Osbern. 1081 William invades Wales.

1085 Failure of Danish invasion.

1086 Completion of Domesday Book.

1087 William the Red, died 1100.

1093 Ansclm, Archbishop.

1094 Revolt of Wales against the Norman Marchers.

1095 Revolt of Robert de Mowbray.

1096 Normandy left in pledge to William.

1097 William invades Wales. Anselm leaves England.

1098 War with France.