1100 Henry the First, died 1135.

Henry's Charter. 11OI Robert of Normandy invades England. 1106 Settlement of question of investitures.

English Conquest of Normandy.

1129 Fulk of Jerusalem, Count of Anjou.

1110 War with France.

1111 War with Anjou.

1113 Peace of Gisors.

1114 Marriage of Matilda with Henry V.

1120 Wreck of White Ship.

1121 Henry's campaign in Wales.

1123 Revolt of Norman baronage.

1124 France and Anjou support William Clito. 1128 Matilda married to Geoffry of Anjou.

Death of the Clito in Flanders.

1134 Revolt of Wales.

1135 Stephen of Blois, died 1154. 1138 Normandy repulses the Angevins.

1138 Revolt of Earl Robert. Battle of the Standard.

1139 Seizure of the Bishops. Landing of Matilda.

1141 Battle of Lincoln.

1147 Birth of Gerald of Wales.

1148 Matilda withdraws to Normandy. Archbishop Theobald driven into exile.

1149 Henry of Anjou in England.

1151 Henry becomes Duke of Normandy.

1152 ' Henry marries Eleanor of Guienne.

1153 Henry in England. Treaty of Wallingford-

1154 Henry the Second, died 1189. 1159 Expedition against Toulouse.

The Great Scutage. 1162 Thomas made Archbishop of Canterbury. 1164 Constitutions of Clarendon.

Council of Northampton.

Flight of Archbishop Thomas. 1166 Assize of Clarendon. 1170 Strongbow's invasion of Ireland.

Inquest of Sheriffs.

Death of Archbishop Thomas.

1172 Henry's Conquest of Ireland.


1174 Rebellion of Henry's sons.

1176 Assize of Northampton. 1178 Reorganization of Curia Regis. 1181 Assize of Arms. 1189 Revolt of Richard.

Richard the First, died 1199.

1194 I Richard's Crusade.

1196 } War with Philip Augustus.

1 24.6 1 Llewelyn ap-Jorwerth in North Wales.

1197 Richard builds Chateau Gaillard.

1199 John, dies 1216.

1200 -----recovers Anjou and Maine.

Layamon writes the Brut.

1203 Murder of Arthur.

1204 French conquest of Anjou and Normandy

The Great Charter. 1204 - 1295

1205 Barons refuse to fight for recovery of Normandy.

1206 Stephen Langton Archbishop of Canterbury.

1208 Innocent III. puts England under Interdict.

2210 John divides Irish Pale into counties.

1211 John reduces Llewelyn - ap - Jorwerth to submission.

1213 John becomes the Pope's vassal.

1214 Battle of Bouvines. Birth of Roger Bacon.

1215 The Great Charter.

1216 Lewis of France called in by the Barons.

1216 Henry the Third, died 1272. Confirmation of the Charter.

1217 Lewis returns to France. Charter again confirmed.

1219 Hubert de Bargh, Justiciar.

1221 Friars land in England.

1223 Charter again confirmed at London.

1224 Revolt of Faukes de Breauté.

1225 Fresh confirmation of Charter.

1223 Stephen Langton's death.

1229 Papal exactions.

1230 Failure of Henry's campaign in Poitou.

1231 Conspiracy against the Italian clergy.

1232 Fall of Hubert de Burgh.

1237 Charter again confirmed.

1238 Earl Simon of Leicester marries Henry's sister.

1242 Defeat of Henry at Taillebourg.

Barons refuse subsidies. 1246 Llewelyn-ap-Gruffydd, Prince in North

1243 Wales.

1248 Irish refusal of subsidies.

Earl Simon in Gascony. 1253 Earl Simon returns to England. 1258 Provisions of Oxford. 1264 Mise of Amiens.

1264 Battle of Lewes.

1265 Commons summoned to Parliament. Battle of Evesham.

1267 Roger Bacon writes his "Opus Majus." Llewelyn-ap-Gruffydd owned as Prince of Wales.

1270 Edward goes on Crusade.

1272 Edward the First, died 1307.

1277 Edward reduces Llewelyn-ap-Gruffydd to submission.

1279 Statute of Mortmain.

1282 Conquest of Wales.

1283 Statute of Merchants.

1285 Statute of Winchester.

1290 Statute "Quia Emptores." Expulsion of the Jews. Marriage Treaty of Brigham.

1291 Parliament at Norham concerning Scotch succession.

1292 Edward claims appeals from Scotland. Death of Roger Bacon.

1294 Seizure of Guienne by Philip of France.

1295 French fleet attacks Dover.

Final organization of the English Parliament.

The War With Scotland And France. 1296 - 1485

1296 Edward conquers Scotland.

1297 Victory of Wallace at Stirling. Outlawry of the Clergy. Barcns refuse to serve in Guienne.

1298 Edward conquers Scots at Falkirk. Truce with France.