1301 Barons demand nomination of Ministers by Parliament. Barons exact fresh Confirmation of the Charters.

1304 Submission of Scotland.

1305 Parliament of Perth.

1306 Rising of Robert Bruce.

1307 Parliament of Carlisle.

Edward the Second, died 1327.

1308 Gaveston exiled.

1310 The Lords Ordainers draw up Articles of Reform. 1312 Death of Gaveston. 1314 Battle of Bannockburn. 1316 Battle of Athenree. 1318 Edward accepts the Ordinances.

1322 Death of Earl of Lancaster. Ordinances annulled.

1323 Truce with the Scots.

1324 French attack Aquitaine.

1325 The Queen and Prince Edward in France.

1326 Queen lands in England.

1327 Deposition of Edward II. Edward the Third, died 1377.

1328 Treaty of Northampton recognizes independence of Scotland.

1329 Death of Robert Bruce.

1330 Death of Roger Mortimer.

1332 Edward Balliol invades Scotland.

1333 Battle of Halidon Hill. Balliol does homage to Edward.


1336 Edward invades Scotland. 1336 France again declares war.

1338 War with France and Scotland.

Edward claims crown of France.

1339 Balliol driven from Scotland. Edward attacks France from Brabant.

1340 Battle of Sluys.

1342 war in Britanny and Guienne. 1346 Battles of Crecy and Neville's Cross.

1347 Capture of Calais. Truce with France.

1348 First appearance of the Black Death.


1351 Statutes of Labourers.

1351 First Statute of Provisors.

1353 First Statute of Praemunire.

1355 Renewal of French War.

1356 Battle of Poitiers.

1366 Statute of Kilkenny.

1367 The Black Prince victorious at Navarete.

1368 Wyclif 's treatise "De Dominio." 1370 Storm of Limoges.

1372 Victory of Spanish fleet off Rochelle. 1374 Revolt of Aquitaine.

1376 The Good Parliament.

1377 Its work undone by the Duke of Lancaster Wyclif before the Bishop of London. Richard the Second, died 1399.

1378 Gregory XI. denounces Wyclifs heresy.

1380 Longland's "Piers the Ploughman".

1381 Wyclif's declaration against Transubstantiation. The Peasant Revolt.

1382 Condemriatlon of Wyclif at Blackfriars. Suppression of the Poor Preachers.

1384 Death of Wyclif.

1386 Barons force Richard to dismiss the Earl of Suffolk. 1389 Truce with France. 1394 Richard in Ireland. 1396 Richard marries Isabella of France.

Truce with France prolonged. 1397 Murder of the Duke of Gloucester.

1398 Richard's plans of tyranny.

1399 Deposition of Richard. Henry the Fourth, died 1413

1400 Revolt of Owen Glyndwr in Wales.

1401 Statute of Heresy.

1402 Battle of Homildon Hill.

1403 Revolt of the Percies.

1405 French descents on England. 1405 Revolt of Archbishop Scrope. 1407 French attack Gascony.

1411 English force sent to aid Duke of Burgundy in France.

1413 Henry the Fifth, died 1422.

1414 Lollard Conspiracy.

1415 Battle of Agincourt. 1417 Henry invades Normandy.

1419 Alliance with Duke of i?urgundy.

1420 Treaty of Troyes.

1422 Henry the Sixth, died 1471. 1424 Battle of Verneuil.


1429 Siege of Orleans.

1430 County Suffrage restricted.

1431 Death of Joan of Arc. 1435 Congress of Arras.

1445 Marriage of Margaret of Anjou. 1447 Death of Duke of Gloucester.

1450 Impeachment and death of Duke of Suffolk. Cade's Insurrection. Loss of Normandy.

1451 Loss of Guienne.

1454 Duke of York named Protector.

1455 First Battle of St. Albans.

1456 End of York's Protectorate.

1459 Failure of Yorkist revolt.

1460 Battle of Northampton.

York acknowledged as successor. Battle of Wakefield.

1461 Second Battle of St. Albans. Battle of Mortimer's Cross. Edward the Fourth, died 1483. Battle of Towton.

1471 Warwickl King-maker. 1464 Edward marries Lady Grey.

1470 Warwick driven to France. Flight of Edward to Flanders.

1471 Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury.

1475 Edward invades France.

1476 Caxton settles in England. 1483 Murder of Edward the Fifth.

Richard the Third, died 1485. Buckingham's Insurrection. 1485 Battle of Bosworth.

The Tudors. 1485 - 1603

1485 Henry the Seventh, died 1509. 1487 Conspiracy of Lambert Simnel. 1490 Treaty with Ferdinand and Isabella. 1492 Henry invades France. 1497 Comish rebellion.

Perkin Warbeck captured.

1497 Sebastian Cabot lands in America.

1499 Colet ami Erasmus at Oxford.