1501 Arthur Tudor marries Catharine of Aragon.

1502 Margaret Tudor marries James the Fourth.

1505 Colet Dean of S. Paul's.

1509 Henry the Eighth, died 1547.

1509 Erasmus writes the "Praise of Folly".

1512 War with France.

1513 Battles of the Spurs and of Flodden. Wolsey becomes chief Minister.

1515 More's "Utopia:'

1517 Luther denounces Indulgences.

1520 Field of Cloth of Gold.

Luther burns the Pope's Bull.

1521 Ouarrel of Luther with Henry the Eighth.

1522 Renewal of French war.

1523 Wolsey quarrels with the Commons.

1525 Exaction of Benevolences defeated. Peace with France.

Tyndale translates the New Testament.

1526 Henry resolves on a Divorce. Persecution of Protestants. 1529 Fall of Wolsey. Ministry of Norfolk and More.

1531 King acknowledged as "Supreme Head of the Church of England".

1532 Statute of Appeals.

1534 Acts of Supremacy and Succession.

1535 Cromwell Vicar-GeneraL Death of More.

Overthrow of the Geraldines in Ireland.

1536 Dissolution of lesser Monasteries.

1537 Pilgrimage of Grace.

1538 English Bible issued.

1539 Execution of Lord Exeter. Law of Six Articles. Suppression of greater Abbeys.

1542 Completion of the Tudor Conquest of Ireland. 1544 War with France.

1547 Execution of Earl of Surrey. Edward the Sixth, died 1553. Battle of Pinkie Cleugh. Suppression of Chantries.

1548 English Book of Common Prayer.

1549 Western Rebellion. End of Somerset's Protectorate. 1551 Death of Somerset.

1553 Mary, died 1558. Chancellor discovers Archangel.

1554 Mary marries Philip of Spain. England absolved by Cardinal Pole.

1555 Persecution of Protestants begins.

1556 Burning of Archbishop Cranmer.

1557 War with France.

1558 Loss of Calais. Elizabeth, died 1603.

1559 ------ restores Royal Supremacy and English Prayer Book.

1560 War in Scotland.

1561 Mary Stuart lands in Scotland.

1562 Rebellion of Shane O'Neill in Ulster.

1562 Elizabeth supports French Huguenots. Hawkins begins Slave Trade with Africa.

1563 First penal statute against Catholics. English driven out of Havre. Thirty-nine Articles imposed on clergy.

1565 Mary marries Darnley.

1566 Darnley murders Rizzio. Royal Exchange built.

1567 Murder of Darnley.

Defeat and death of Shane O'Neill.

1568 Mary flies to England.

1569 Revolt of the northern Earls. 1570 Bull of Deposition published. 1571 Conspiracy and death of Norfolk.

1572 Rising of the Low Countries against Alva. Cartwright's " Admonition to the Parliament".

1575 Queen refuses Netherlands.

1576 First public Theatre in Blackfriars. Landing of the Seminary Priests.

1577 Drake sets sail for the Pacific

1579 Lyly's "Euphues".

Spenser publishes' 'Shepherd's Calendar".

1580 Campian and Parsons in England. Revolt of the Desmonds. Massacre of Smerwick.

1533 Plots to assassinate Elizabeth.

New powers given to Ecclesiastical Commission.

1584 Murder of Prince of Orange. Armada gathers in the Tagus. Colonization of Virginia.

1585 English Army sent to Netherlands. Drake on the Spanish Coast.

1586 Battle of Zutphen. Babington's Plot.

1587 Shakspere in London. Death of Mary Stuart.

Drake burns Spanish fleet at Cadiz. Marlowe's "Tamburlaine".

1588 Defeat of the Armada. Martin Marprelate Tracts.

1589 Drake plunders Corunna.

1590 Publication of the "Faerie Queen".

1593 Shakspere's " Venus and Adonis".

1594 Hooker's "Ecclesiastical Polity".

1596 Jonson's "Every Man in his Humour." Descent upon Cadiz.

1597 Ruin of the Second Armada. Bacons "Essays".

1598 Revolt of Hugh O'Neill.

1599 Expedition of Earl of Essex in Ireland. 1601, Execution of Essex.