1603 Mountjoy completes the conquest of Ireland. Death of Elizabeth.

The Stuarts. 1603-1688

1603 James the First, died 1625.

Millenary Potition

1604 Parliament claims to deal with both

Church and State. Hampton Court Conference.

1605 Gunpowder Plot.

Bacon's Advancement of Learning." 1610 Parliament's Petition of Grievances. Plantation of Ulster.

1613 Marriage of the Elector Palatine.

1614 First quarrels with the Parliament.

1616 Trial of the Earl and Countess of Somerset. Dismissal of Chief Justice Coke. Death of Shakspere.

1617 Bacon Lord Keeper.

Proposals for the Spanish Marriage. The Declaration of Sports.

1618 Expedition and death of Ralegh.

1618 Beginning of Thirty Years' War.

1620 Invasion of the Palatinate.

Landing of the Pilgrim-Fathers in New England.

1621 Bacon's "Novum Organum." Impeachment of Bacon.

James tears out the Protestation of the Commons.

1623 Journey of Prince Charles to Madrid.

1624 Resolve of War against Spain.

1625 Charles the First, died 1649. First Parliament dissolved. Failure of expedition against Cadiz.

1626 Buckingham impeached. Second Parliament dissolved.

1627 Levy of Benevolence and Forced Loan. Failure of expedition to Rochelle.

1628 The Petition of Right. Murder of Buckingham. Laud Bishop of London.

1629 Dissolution of Third Parliament. Charter granted to Massachusetts. Wentworth Lord President of the North.

1630 Puritan Emigration to New England. 1633 Wentworth Lord Deputy in Ireland.

Laud Archbishop of Canterbury. Milton's "Allegro" and "Penseroso." Prynne's "Histrio-mastix." 1634 Milton's "Comus." 1636 Juxon Lord Treasurer.

Book of Canons and Common Prayer issued for Scotland. Hampden refuses to pay Ship-money.

1637 Revolt of Edinburgh. Trial of Hampden.

1638 Milton's "Lycidas." The Scotch Covenant.

1639 Leslie at Dunse Law. Pacification of Berwick.

1640 The Short Parliament. The Bishops' War.

Great Council of Peers at York Long Parliament meets, Nov. Pym leader of the Commons.

1641 Execution of Strafford, May Charles visits Scotland. Hyde organizes royalist party. The Irish Massacre, Oct.

The Grand Remonstrance, Nov.

1642 Impeachment of Five Members, Jan. Charles before Hull, April. Royalists withdraw from Parliament. Charles raises Standard at Nottingham, August 22. Battle of Edgehill, Oct. 23. Hobbes writes the "De Cive".

1643 Assembly of Divines at Westminster. Rising of the Cornishmen, May. Death of Hampden, June.

Battle of Roundway Down, July.

Siege of Gloucester, Aug.

Death of Falkland, Sept.

Charles negotiates with Irish Catholics.

Taking of the Covenant, Sept. 25.

1644 Fight at Cropredy Bridge, June. Battle of Marston Moor, July 2. Surrender of Parliamentary Army in Cornwall, Sept. 2.

Battle of Tippermuir, Sept. 2. Battle of Newbury, Oct. Milton's "Areopagitica".

1645 Seif-denying Ordinance, April. New Model raised.

Battle of Naseby, June 14. Battle of Philiphaugh, Sept.

1646 Charles surrenders to the Scots, May.

1647 Scots surrender Charles to the Houses, Jan. 30. Army elects Agitators, April. The King seized at Holmby House, June. "Humble Representation" of the Army, June. Expulsion of the Eleven Members. Army occupies London, Aug. Flight of the King, Nov.

1647 Secret Treaty of Charles with the Scots, Dec.

1648 Outbreak of the Royalist Revolt, Feb. Revolt of the Fleet, and of Kent, May. Fairfax and Cromwell in Essex and Wales, June - July. Battle of Preston, Aug. 17. Surrender of Colchester, Aug. 27 Pride's Purge, Dec. Royal Society begins at Oxford.

1649 Execution of Charles I., Jan. 30. Scotland proclaims Charles II. King. England proclaims itself a Commonwealth. Cromwell storms Drogheda, Sept. 11.

1650 Cromwell enters Scotland. Battle of Dunbar, Sept. 3.

1651 Battle of Worcester, Sept. 3. Hobbes's ""Leviathan".

1652 Union with Scotland. Outbreak of Dutch War, May. Victory of Tromp, Nov.

1653 Victory of Blake, Feb.

Cromwell drives out the Parliament, April 20.

Constituent Convention (Barebones Parliament), July.

Convention dissolves, Dec.

The Instrument of Government.

Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector, died 1658.

1654 Peace concluded with Holland. First Protectorate Parliament, Sept.

1655 Dissolution of the Parliament, Jan. The Major-Generals. Settlement of Scotland and Ireland. Settlement of the Church.

Blake in the Mediterranean.

War with Spain and Conquest of Jamaica.

1656 Second Protectorate Parliament, Sept.

1657 Blake's victory at Santa Cruz. Cromwell refuses title of King. Act of Government.

1658 Parliament dissolved, Feb. Battle of the Dunes. Capture of Dunkirk. Death of Cromwell, Sept. 3. Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector, died 1712.

1659 Third Protectorate Parliament. Parliament dissolved.

Long Parliament recalled.

Long Parliament again driven out.

1660 Monk enters London.

The "Convention" Parliament. Charles the Second,landsat Dover, May, died 1685.

1660 Union of Scotland and Ireland undone.

1661 Cavalier Parliament begins.

1662 Act of Uniformity re-enacted. Puritan clergy driven out. Royal Society at London,

1663 Dispensing Bill fails.

1664 Conventicle Act.

1665 Dutch War begins. Five Mile Act. Plague of London. Newton's Theory of Fluxions.

1666 Fire of London.

1667 The Dutch in the Medway. Dismissal of Clarendon. Peace of Breda.

Lewis attacks Flanders. Milton's " Paradise Lost".

1668 The Triple Alliance. Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle.

Ashley shrinks back from toleration to Catholics.

1670 . Treaty of Dover.

Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress " written 1671 Milton's "Paradise Regained" and " Samson Agonistes." Newton's Theory of Light.

1672 Closing of the Exchequer. Declaration of Indulgence. War begins with Holland. Ashley made Chancellor.

1673 Declaration of Indulgence withdrawn. The Test Act.

Shaftesbury dismissed. Shaftesbury takes the lead of the Country Party.

1674 Bill of Protestant Securities fails. Charles makes Peace with Holland. Danby Lord Treasurer.

1675 Treaty of mutual aid between Charles and Lewis.

1677 Shaftesbury sent to the Tower.

Bill for Security of the Church fails. Address of the Houses for War with France. Prince of Orange marries Mary.

1678 Peace of Nimeguen.

Oates invents the Popish Plot.

1679 New Parliament meets. Fall of Danby.

New Ministry with Shaftesbury at its head. Temple's plan for a new Council. Habeas Corpus Act passed. Exclusion Bill introduced. Parliament dissolved. Shaftesbury dismissed.

1680 Committee for agitation formed.

1680 Monmouth pretends to the throne. Petitioners and Abhorrers. Exclusion Bill thrown out by the Lords. Trial of Lord Stafford.

1681 Parliament at Oxford. Treaty with France. Limitation Bill rejected. Shaftesbury and Monmouth arrested.

1682 Conspiracy and flight of Shaftesbury. Penn founds Pennsylvania.

1683 Death of Shaftesbury. Rye-house Plot.

Execution of Lord Russell and Algernon Sidney.

1684 Town charters quashed. Army increased.

1685 James the Second, died 1701. Insurrection of Argyll and Monmouth. Battle of Sedgemoor, July 6.

The Bloody Circuit. Army raised to 20,000 men.

1685 Revocation of Edict of Nantes.

1686 Test Act dispensed with by royal authority. Ecclesiastical Commission set up.

1687 Newton's "Principia".

Expulsion of the Fellows of Magdalen.

Dismissal of Lords Rochester and Clarendon.

Declaration of Indulgence.

The Boroughs regulated.

William of Orange protests against the Declaration.

Tyrconnell made Lord Deputy in Ireland.

1688 Clergy refuse to read the new Declaration of Indulgence. Birth of James's son. Invitation to William. Trial of the Seven Bishops. Irish troops brought over to England. Lewis attacks Germany. William of Orange lands at Torbay. Flight of James.

Modern England. 1689 - 1874

1689 Convention Parliament. Declaration of Rights.

William and Mary made King and Queen.

William forms the Grand Alliance against Lewis. Battle of Killiecrankie, July 27. Siege of Londonderry. Mutiny Bill. Toleration Bill. Bill of Rights. Secession of the Non-jurors.

1690 Abjuration Bill and Act of Grace. Battle of Beachy Head, June 30. Battle of the Boyne, July I. William repulsed from Limerick.

1691 Battle of Aughrim, July. Capitulation and Treaty of Limerick.

1692 Massacre of Glencoe. Battle of La Hogue, May 19.

1693 Sunderland's plan of a Ministry.

1694 Bank of England set up. Death of Mary.

1696 Currency restored.

1697 Peace of Ryswick.

1698 First Partition Treaty.